Saturday, June 20, 2009

11 Months and Counting!

Not only is this my 360th post but so much importantly, today is the 11 month mark for the arrival of our little Bubby into our world! That's right 11 months ago today was a Saturday morning and I was at IMC Hospital in SLC. Clancy had driven down in the middle of the night Friday to be there for our special day. She was my trusted confidante and I can still see her sitting across the labor room putting make up on and just being fabulous before go time. Having her there was such a safety for me. She was a presence of peace in my about to change world.

She ushered and welcomed our little Adalie into this world and I couldn't have imagined doing it without her! She bravely held my left leg and made sure she stayed connected with my eyes as I pushed through some difficult moments. Clancy Pants, I do so love you.

I don't have my camera with me at my Mom's or I would proudly post some killer pics of our Adalie Elizabeth. She is one serious ham and does so love attention. She is the happiest little gal and has a personality the size of third world country (a really big one!). She is steady on her feet and doesn't quit moving. She can walk 5-6 steps at a time and is an independent little sucker.

She has 4 teeth; 2on the bottom and 2 on the top. Her Dad calls her 'Sponge Bob' because you could seriously pack a semi between her two front teeth...and it's adorable! She has a fluffy tad bit of hair up top and little dimpled knuckles. She loves to be held but only for a few brief moments. She will eat just about anything including asparagus, steak, name it!

She finally sleeps like a champ and looks awesome with her cute toe nails painted! She loves to take a bath and has a special talent for mimicing sounds. She loves to play patty cake and is beyond precious when she pretends to take a rest and buries her head! Happy 11 Months to my pretty little girl!

On the B Side: Despite the challenging circumstances, I wouldn't take any of it back...not for a moment simply because Bubby makes it all so worth it. Yes, she really is that amazing and we do so love her! xoxo

2 shout outs:

Clancy Pants said...

She is a sweet little bubby and the prettiest little newborn I ever did see! I was honored to be there 11 months ago.

Love you.

Kristin said...

I love this post... it's such a great way to record all the wonderful things about your little one. I seriously need to come see her! I'll wait until you're a little more settled. I love you!