Tuesday, June 23, 2009

7 Has Never Felt So Lucky...

Oddly enough and out of the blue, a warm and peaceful calm has graced me for the past two days. I don't feel quite as sad or agitated. My anxiety has been curbed and I don't feel overwhelmed. I can't quite put my finger on what is different but it's a nice break from the waves of sheer emotion that have enveloped me, knocked me down and beat me up over the past few weeks. I can breath and it feels nice. I like the simplicity of it and I don't feel myself anticipating the worst or bracing for the next storm...which always comes...no matter who you are or what your circumstance.

7 days until Dayton turns 7
7 days until I relocate my laundry basket for good
7 days until I work full time remote from home
7 days until I have 2 weeks off

On the B Side: I don't *feel* like I'm pushing through the next 7 days. I feel a sense of relief. There is a light in this tunnel though I am sure I am far from the end of it...but the light lifts my spirit and makes me feel stronger. I am starting to feel more focused and there is a sense of control building slowly. Ladies and Gents, 7 is very lucky and has never been so good!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Manic Monday: POP!

Manic Monday and I never broke up. The reality here is that we took a break. All the cool kids are doing it! To join the fun click here. A big, huge thank you to MO! Today's word is POP!

Life gets pretty jammed packed full of stuff. By stuff I mean circumstance, challenges, stress...that kind of thing. There are days when it is overwhelming and I feel like I am going to POP!

I'm kind of done with the girl that feels that way though. I am where I am supposed to be and talk myself through this (yes, outloud!) every day. I can slowly feel the strength that comes with taking a step back, working through it in my mind and not feeling like I have to do/fix it all RIGHT NOW. Baby steps, one step at a time. Britters will not POP...unless she refuses to give up chips and salsa...and phase II of the diet starts today so POP off!

On the B Side:
Progress is good. Forward motion feels good. My Britta is slowly getting her groove on...aw yeah, sucka!