Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Five

Fridays are officially dedicated to all things fabulous per one of my bff's! I've decided to dedicate today specifically to people in my life. While I will highlight a select few that is not to say that tere are not otherFive people in my life that are fantastic:

1 - My Father...he is alive, wonderful and amazing! He has had some close calls over the past year with his health and apparently the good Lord needs him here...and let it be known that I need him here. Each time I think I couldn't be more blessed to have him in my life he gives me even more reasons to be grateful and stand in admiration. He's a strong example of goodness and light. He's not perfect and he's no doctor but he does save lives! He's been my best friend forever and even though I don't always take your wise advice, I do always listen, Popsicle! I love you so much, Dad (and sometimes I even miss you sorry butt! xxox)

2 - My Momma-cita...predictable right? Wrong. We haven't always been this close. She moved her whole life across the country for me during my divorce. She's the last person I thought I would want near me (sorry, Mom!) but the very person that I needed the most! She picks Dayton up every morning and brings him home every afternoon. How helpful is this? We have 4 kids and both work full time. You find the empirical value of the square root of the hypotonuse to this equation!! She always helps when we move, when I'm pregnant or sick. She brings dinner and watches kids. She is a loving presence in our daily lives. I have no idea what I do do without her (and there are times when I don't know what to do with her!)

3 - Shellbait...the bff of a lifetime! I know, I know. Bff's everywhere. They come and go throughout different times and stages of our lives. This one I'm keeping. She is a staple in lives and is as family. Yes, my Sister of another Mister (except I'm not Mexican and neither of us pencil in our eye brows). Odd that she came into our lives as she did. Odd that she was the former girlfriend of my ex husband (yes, after we divorced) but she endeared herself to me with the genuine love she held for my children. So we've kept her for going on 3 years now and there is no sign of letting up...ever. She's strong, determined, full of life and energy and has a heart that more often than not extends far beyond herself. She'll always be my favorite porch monkey!`

4 - Adi...our tiny dancer! As the smallest and newest member to our family I feel compelled to share just how much we love this little lady. She is the most amazing blessing. True to Jerry McGuire style...she completes us. We are a full circle with her. She was the missing link and now this tiny little human comes and offers way more love than her small self seems capable of holding! She loves to stretch her arms and we always smile. She is always dancing her sweet little feet and we always smile. She watches the world around her and reminds all of us just how simple and wonderful life really is. She exudes love to everyone and everyone loves her. It's just that easy. How can you not express and feel love in such a Heavenly presence?

5 - BaFark...last but certainly not least. I do not profess to have a perfect marriage. In fact I can admit that there are times when we don't get along and I can tell you that some times we don't even like each other. If you are married and honest with yourself I am certain you could say the same. Marriage is a lot of work and you can't possibly understand how hard it us until you live it. If you thought a 1st marriage was hard I can tell you that a 2nd makes it look like a walk in the park! Ain't no easy, breezy, beautiful here! We work hard and that's what makes it even more satisfying. We're blending lives together and we remain committed. We're talking about mine, yours and ours. Emotions run high. Communication is more crucial than ever. Some times it feels like Mark and I are stumbling through it together and other times we feel in control, organized and almost flawless. Regardless of what day it is or what trial is upon us of this I am sure, I love my Marky Mark.

On the B Side: I love being surrounded by loved ones! I have friends and family that I love more than anything and that mean the world to me. I have people that love me unconditionally, people that I love unconditionally, people that rely on me and people that I rely upon. I am happy. I feel happy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

911 Never Forget

This image will forever be synonomous with the attacks on the United States seven years ago today. It is impossible to forget the moment you found out and how you felt. I had recently undergone not one but two brain surgeries at that time and had just gone back to work. A few days later on Monday 9/10/01 the dot com I worked for busted , we were all laid off unexpectedly and at that point my marriage was in shambles. Given all of these less than pleasant circumstances I was feeling pretty awful on the inside and yes, I felt sorry for myself. I woke up Tuesday morning to a phone call from my in laws who were in Boston and asked that the tv be turned on. Which channel? It didn't matter.

The first tower had been hit. We watched live as the second tower was hit several minutes later. My life was quickly put into perspective and through my sobs I knew that I was blessed. This was an extremely powerful reminder that we never have to look very far to know just how fortunate we truly are.

Because I was at home, I was glued to the tv at every moment of the day. I camped out on the couch at night. I hurt. I cried. I watched. I listened. I hoped. I ached. I prayed. People threw themselves from the buildings. People trapped beneath the rubble were tapping and I listened as the tapping ceased, as life ebbed away and as the search switched from rescue to recovery. It was heart breaking. It was mind numbing. It was surreal. Was this really happening? Yes. It was and it did. The beauty of this is is that people united. They stood together. A great strength was created not just in NYC or PA but across the Nation and around the world.

There are many images that are burned into my mind and all over again I feel grateful. Grateful for those that assisted. Grateful for those who risked their lives. Grateful the for the awareness that such a tragedy brought to our Nation and grateful for the perspective it added to my own life. I am sad for those that lost their lives. Sad for those who lost loved ones. Sad for those that took part in such an awful atrosity. Sad to think anyone would think it accomplishes anything to take the life of another. Sad for such a large scale intentional and strategic disaster.

On the B Side: I am grateful that our Nation honors this day. I am grateful that both Presidential nominees could come together, cease campaigning and remember. I can remember being at the U2 concert that November as they had an AMAZING tribute to those that lost their lives oh 9/11. If you were there you understand. It was powerful. It was moving and yes, it was spiritual. Again, I cried as we watched the names of all of those that had senselessly been murdered scrolled up the wall, across the ceiling and down the other side. From the acts that took place this day came much good and I strongly believe this is the case in each and every trial that we experience here on this earth.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MAC is Back!

Oh yes. It's true. MAC is back! My amazing make up and myself are reunited and it feels so good! Lingy, I love you and I am sorry. I started back to the office on Monday and must confess that I worked myself up in vain. I sat in my chair first the first time in two months and thought about everything that has changed and it's sheer craziness. The best part? I LOVE IT!

Despite my complete and total sleep deprivation I feel energized. I feel alive and I feel happy. Things always work out and the fear of moving forward and stepping into that darkness is overwhelming. The uncertainty and the unknown can be all consuming. Once you are able to look back you know that you were safe all along and that hope was always shining brightly. THE PASSWORD IS COURAGE.

Adi is beautiful, amazing and loved by all! Mark's ex wife's Mother tends her. I know, weird right? BUT it works and it works well! So far, so good. She is smiling voluntarily and has the prettiest and petitest little features! She only cries when she is hungry and she doesn't mess around in that circumstance. She finally hit 9 lbs and is healthy...such a huge, huge blessing!

Dayton is a little 1st grade rock star! He reads like a mo fo and plays soccer like he was born to ball! Ah, that boy warms my heart and soon his ski season will be upon us. Snow Basin with Grandma Mikey is his gig and I am as excited for him as he is excited to ski! He's stuck with the CPAP despite the fact that he hates it. He is a smart little dude with a heart of gold. ROCK ON.

Ellie has started private all day Kindergarten. Her uniform eliminates MANY battles and she's as cute as ever! She is gearing up for her 5th birthday party at Sweet and Sassy and is all kinds of stoked! She's like a little mini teenager. She does hug and kiss DD every morning before my Mom picks him up and always waves goodbye as they drive off! Sooooo dang PRECIOUS! She's full of fire and has a personality the size of Texas!

McKayla is in Kindergarten with Beans. She has adjusted suburbly to her teacher and her new classmates! She is a great listener and is now with us every morning. It is so crazy good to see her daily and be a bigger part of her little life! This also allows her to see the baby more and keeps her feeling more connected with us. She's finished swimming and is back in Dance and Baton. She is such a good, good girl and always make sure everyone is okay, included and feel important and loved.

On the B Side: It feels good to feel so happy. My life is so far from perfect but is so incredibly blessed!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Manic Monday: Juice

Mo's Manic Monday: Juice

Today I am kicking it old school with this commercial from 1981. 27 years later I can still sing this jingle verbatim which is interesting given that I couldn't possibly tell you what I was doing 5 minutes ago! I can remember when this gum use to cost $0.25. I have no idea what it costs now and the more I type the older I feel! The mere fact that I can remember anything from 20+ years makes me older than dirt!

On the B Side: This is the kind of thing that really makes me miss home. Life was simple back in the day. I so loved my childhood in the middle of nowhere central PA! Time stops for no one and the more time that passes the more I realize just how incredibly blessed I really am!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

From the Land of the Living...

My hiatus from the blogosphere has been filled with all kinds of life happenings and mostly now that I am truly feeling better I am ready to join the ranks of the online once more! I apologize for my absence and look forward to catching up on everyone's lives!

I have a bazillion things to catch up on for my own sake of remembrance and such and I have some super cute pics to share! With that being said I am going to go put my big kids to bed for a nap. They're all exhausted and we're heading to dinner at my Mom's so I want to insure against melt downs!

On the B Side: I have had so much fun catching up with friends and have kept myself busy enjoying them. I'm trying not to hate the fact that I have to go back to work tomorrow which officially ends my maternity leave and just appreciate the fact that I am gainfully employed and able to support my darling little loved ones!