Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday's Fab Five...5 Hours Early!

Here is Harley and if you look in the background you can see Lilly's reflection in the glass! One would not be complete without the other.
Our 4 monkeys in their jammmies before bed...all smiles and yes Adi is in the baby doll stroller. Don't ask because that is the least of their antics!
Kayla Bug swimming in the tub! She's sporting her new suit this season. Adi fresh and clean albeit a little blurry! How much do I love the smell of a clean baby?!
Dayton and Ellie outside at my Mom's. Ellie is true to form and Dayton is consistently cute...and I am consistently biased.

On the B Side: How f'amazing is it that I'm posting early?! I took a huge hit today and am trying to make myself feel just a little better if not just occupied. Happy-almost-weekend!

Thursday 13

1. I love being up early and getting a jump start on my day! It's even better now that the sun comes up early!
2. I am seriously digging on the warm weather and love being outside!
3. Dayton ended up in my bed and I'm going to enjoy the cuddle time while it lasts. He's growing up way too much each day.
4. I am going to lunch with Ellie today at the park and love these special Mommy moments.
5. Adi Cakes is always wide eyes and so full of personality...could she be any cuter?!
6. Kayla is with us this week and it feels so good to have her.
7. I got to talk to my Dad last night and he is seriously my biggest fan and I have no idea why but know that I am blessed.
8. We had dinner at my Mom's last night. I love me a charred black hot dog and laughed remembering that Mike brought me some at the hospital after Adalie was born!
9. I'm still vying to get home to PA and if there is any way to make it happen, we WILL be there in July!
10. It feels good to put some time back into me...aka blog again!
11. While the weight loss isn't going as quickly as I would like, it is going and it feels GOOD.
12. It's so close to the weekend and I'm so excited to see family on Saturday at Bionca's baby shower!
13. We got a little bit of Jazz and Micci time this week and that always makes everything good!

On the B Side: Getting back to the basics so helps me focus and it feels soooooo good! Simplicity really is best and helps strip away all of the noise and chaos that seems to accumulate in life. If you are reading this, please have a FABULOUS day! xoxo

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: The Crew

Monday, May 11, 2009

Shedding the Dust Bunnies with a Rite of Passage!

It's time. It's past time. Shield your eyes while I take a deep breath and blow the dust from my blog! There's no better reason than to share the recent success of my moonbeams!

Here are Dayton (6) and Ellie (5) last week. They both learned to ride 2 wheelers with their Dad and Mommy Amy and they are both quite proud of themselves...but not as proud as I am!

I remember learning to ride a bike. I had a Huffy with a banana seat. It was called the 'Desert Rose' and it was hot! We were at my Grandparents under the yellow 'Puerto Rican' patio outback. My Dad would hold onto the back of my bike and gently push me through the grass. He gave me enough momentum that I could peddle. I would jut go around the house and needed him to catch me each time I came back around. I was scared to death of falling and couldn't work the breaks!

I remember the trust I had in him, the patience he had in me and the sheer excitement of it all. It was such a strong feeling of success and accomplishment. I must have rode around the house 30+ times...and each time he was there to catch me. I LOVE YOU, POPSICLE!!!!

On the B Side: The weather has been absolutely beautiful! The kids have been full of energy and enjoying the sunshine. I love seeing the world all over again through their precious eyesand I love to see them learn, grow and experience life. xoxo