Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Too Late to Apologize

This is absolutely abhorrent. The woman was charged and arrested for Child Abuse. I saw an interview that she did and could not bring myself to post that part of this story as it is truly disturbing and repugnant at best. The Mother contends that she is a great Mother, that it was not abuse and that she was merely disciplining her child. There is no remorse, no apology...only her subjective and completely warped justification of her actions.

She did admit that if she KNEW that she was being recorded she would not have done it. That SCREAMS that she KNOWS she is wrong but again no admission of guilt or wrong doing only a completely unimaginable absolution of any wrong doing in her own twisted mind. So um back to one of my recent posts about personal accountability...

I was beyond sick to my stomach and that may very well be because I'm certain that was where my heart was watching this. The part of the clip that is not shown here is this 'Mother' stripping her child of her clothes and spraying her down naked because she had soiled herself. Keep in mind that the child is 2.5 years old. Regardless of the child's age, no living being should ever be treated this way under any circumstance. End of story.

This Mother's actions do not constitute parenting. Not only was what she did cruel and abusive but her categorical denial of any wrong doing is astonishing in the worst way. She clearly demonstrates that anyone can bear children but that does NOT make them a parent. I realize that anyone can make mistakes and I believe firmly in the power and necessity of forgiveness. I have compassion for others and truly seek the good in them. All of this being said, this little child deserves so much more in life.

On the B Side: I am relieved that there are people who realize the obvious mistreatment of others, speak up and take action against such horrific treatment of precious little ones. My heart goes out to those on this earth forced to live in any situation involving abuse and I hope that as individuals are we are perceptive enough to recognize any instances where this may be occurring and brave enough to do the right thing for the right reason.

The Name Game

While I like the names that we have been able to agree upon for our little girl I am not convinced that we have found 'the one'. To date it is between Josie and Kate.

As I have been thinking about it and searching on line I have sound some others that I love.

Adah (AY dah) - In Hebrew this means 'a beautiful addition'. In the Old Testament, Adah was borne by the wives of Lamech and Esau. Hers is the second woman's name to appear in the Bible, after Eve. I LOVE this name!

Adalie - This is a French name of origin meaning of nobility; noble. I think this is a pretty and very feminine name! It's different without being totally bizarre. We could call her Addie for short.

Charlotte - Also French name of origin. It is the feminine version of Charles and means tiny and feminine. I would love to call her 'Charlie'!

Ruby - This is an English name and has risen in popularity in England in recent years. The origin is Latin and the meaning is red. this names reminds me of a striking obituary I saw years ago here in SLC. Check this out. Maybe this isn't as cute as I thought.

Jane - This is also Hebrew in origin and means God is gracious. I would love to call her Janey but worry that it's too plain. Plain Jane. Jane Stott. I think I just crossed this off of the list.

Colette - This is considered French and/or Greek in origin. Its meaning is victory of the people and reminds me of Les Mis (love it!). It's simple and pretty again without being bizarro. It would be difficult to shorten or come up with a nick name. I think this just fell off of the list as well.

Violet - Also French in origin meaning purple or blue flower. While the meaning seems weak I do love flowers and think this is a beautiful name. Don't you think this would be cute for a little girl?

So there you have it! Based on this information I'm eager to hear the thoughts of others! Hit me...

On the B Side: Today I watched Juno in the theater and was struck all over again about the magnificence of Motherhood! I love this process and look forward to holding that little one in my arms regardless of what we end up naming her!

What Do These Stories Have in Common?

1) A woman who says she lost more $1 million gambling in Atlantic City sues some casinos for $20 million, claiming they should have stopped her compulsive gambling.

2) People who bought houses they couldn't afford with loans they didn't understand want their lenders to change the terms.

3) Congress authorizes a war and then tries everything it can think of to get out of it.

4) Our country gets addicted to oil and then blames OPEC when it doesn't like the price.

My bad, your fault! (<--Click here!)


While I am not a fan of The Work and the Glory series I do love the following story as told by Gerald Lund, a Church Educational System Administrator and a General Authority for the LDS Church.

He tells the story of medical personnel taking a truckload of supplies into the jungles of Africa to set up a hospital. The bridges they had to cross were not strong enough to support the truck. Rather than lighten the load by leaving precious supplies behind, they stopped at each river or ravine to strengthen the bridge.

It is easest to want to drop off the heavy things. Our heavy things are issues and stress that can be related to our family, financial burdens or even poor health. When we, in our problem-solving truck reach a chasm sometimes we must be willing to stop and strengthen the bridge in order to get through. The caveat in this is that we must be wise enough to know what is best. Do we make a drop off or do we gird up our loins, take time to do things right and forge forward?

One danger that we face in this life is that of mediocrity. Some times it's just easier to make a decision that requires less work. President Gordon B. Hinckley has said, "I have been quoted as saying, 'Do the best you can.' But I want to emphasize that it be the very best. We are too prone to be satisfied with mediocre performance. We are capable of doing much better."

On the B Side: I am grateful for simple analogies that make things so much more clear in my mind. I love the words of our Prophet dear and am inspired by his loving consideration and concern for us. Some times it is best to take the road less traveled by. This reminds me of the words of the Cheshire cat to Alice. "If you don't know which way you want to go it doesn't matter which path you choose"

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lucky 21

Today marks 21 weeks for us! Eye lashes and eye brows are now part of our little ones pretty face! I'm hoping somehow she'll pull off those long eye lashes that Ellie inherited but we still don't know where she got those so who knows! Baby girl is 11 inches and likely weighs almost three quarters of a pound.

To date I have only gained 5 pounds which is 10 pounds less than where I should be but because my weight was already up before I got pregnant Doc says we're cool. My feet swelled for the first time yesterday which seems really early especially given that it isn't hot outside. I had my first contraction (braxton hicks) on Monday at the Doc's office.

Next year at this time baby will be 8 months old! DD just stumbled out of his room. Cuddle time!

On the B Side: I am really glad that we've made it this far with the pregnancy and haven't had any problems...except all the tears!!! Now I'm grateful that I get to snuggle up with my favorite little man!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pioneer Day Baby!

I saw Dr. N this week and our due date was bumped up a little to 7/24. We are in the 20th week which means we are now officially more than half way! The baby is approximately 10 inches in length and weighs around 10 ounces. Baby can now practice breathing and has fully developed ears that are very capable of enjoying sound.

We do know that the baby's birthstone will be a Ruby signifying contentment and she will be a little Leo. I've tried to convince Mark of the name Ruby because I think it's darling but he won't budge. This little girl will start Kindergarten in 2013, drive a care in 2024 and graduate from College in 2030. Wow, does that make me feel older than dirt!!!

Now that she seems to have mastered swimming it appears that she is onto Karate! The kids still have not been able to feel her simply because we haven't caught the right moment. Baby girl gets lots of hugs and kisses and is always remembered in our prayers.

On the B Side: The whole process never ceases to amaze me. I can scarcely comprehend the miracle that is taking place inside my body and am super excited to a part of it.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rain Drops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens...

I know that I am completely partial; however, Ellianne is simply stunning! I captured this shot of her during swimming lessons last week! She is such a happy girl with a beautiful smile, a sparkle in her eyes and so absolutely easy to adore! As evidenced by this picture she is loving her swimming lessons! She's brave, so eager to learn and loves practicing 'monkey, airplane, soldier' at home!

Again, I am as impartial as they come but I must say that this is one dapper little dude! He's so full of personality and lights up a room with very little effort! The highlight of his week was surely skiing with Grandma Mikey. His lessons are paying off, he is tearing up the slopes and literally has to be pried from the mountain! He even flawlessly uses the lift and told his Grandma to 'quit worrying about it'!

On the B Side: I absolutely love and adore their sweet little personalities! They are fortunate to have so many wonderful opportunities and we are blessed to be able to provide them.