Friday, February 22, 2008

The Band Aid Solution

Two days ago I had one of the most helpless and terrifying experiences as a parent. Dayton has had a fever (that is still going strong today) and had fallen asleep for about 2 hours. He started to stir only when he awoke he was completely unresponsive. His pupils were huge, his breathing was rapid and labored and he would not respond or focus on anything. His body started to seize and then would stop and then start again. It wasn't the kind of seizure where your eyes roll back and your limbs are flailing. It was more of a single involuntary movement that would last briefly, stop and start again.

My mind raced and then the strangest thing happened...he started to giggle. In my mind I hoped it meant he was kidding but I wasn't that lucky. It was yet another strange symptom of some kind. He started to be able to mumble but his speech was incoherent. In an effort to stop what ever was occurring I took the band aid that was on his knee and started to remove it hoping he would sense and respond to the pain. It worked! All kids hate that don't they? Did I purposefully inflict this upon my child? Yes. Do I now feel bad about it? No.

While the band aid did not resolve everything as we all often wish it would it did bring me some semblance of hope and a measure of comfort. Most of the time I think band aids as any kind of solution get a bad wrap but I'm not convinced that should be the case. Some times the band aid fix may just as well be what the panic stricken Mother ordered!

It was like my little guy came back to life. The shell of his body was now occupied again by my Dayton. He was still really lethargic and confused but was now responsive. It was somewhat of a relief at which point his Father showed up to take him to seek medical attention. Now while we were told that he has a viral respiratory infection and the fever caused the delusions and seizures I am completely not comfortable with that.

During those moment time felt eternal and my mind raced to the worst possible scenarios that I won't mention simply because I am not sure if it makes me a terrible mother or just completely neurotic. At any rate, we are going to see his Doc today as I need absolute assurance and understanding.

On the B Side: I am grateful that my DD Cakes is okay. I am grateful that his Father and Step Mother jumped in and helped out. I am grateful that while he continues to be sick that it is not worse and also that his b and aid was a small part of the solution!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sick Day

My poor D had a rough night, bless his heart. He seemed to be congested and restless. He awoke and was miserable...likely due to his high fever that just wouldn't quit. At one point this morning he just broke down and cried. When I asked him what was wrong he innocently replied, "I don't know". He just didn't feel well. The fever finally broke after lunch time and he's definitely looking and feeling better.

Initially I tried to work remotely while taking care of my patient but I ended up throwing in the towel with my own temperature accompanied by the I-feel-like-I-just-got-run-over-by-a-truck feeling (likely the one that had him in tears). Ellie was all ready and excited to go to school this AM until it was time to go. She got emotional and being that I didn't feel so hot myself the three of us stayed home and rested quietly. today. There is something so glorious about nap time!

Today's craving was raspberry bread pudding and I was finally able to score some this afternoon! So while I neglected to post on babies' 17th week in utero I haven't forgotten where these cravings come from! Baby has been wiggling around quite a bit lately and it always makes me smile. In a few weeks Mark and the children will also be able to feel these movements. In the mean time the baby is 5 ounces and 5 inches big and next Tuesday we will officially know the gender!

On the b Side: I am grateful for the opportunities I have to be a Mom. Even on days like today it feels good to be able to love and nurture others. There is an amazing feeling of comfort that comes when you can just snuggle your loved ones close and pass the time.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Rain Dance

The kids were absolutely adorable again today! I couldn't wait to pick them up from school and was pleased that they were both in great moods! We got Ellie's glasses fitted and then we came home and made dinner together. They both did a great job cleaning their plates...after all everyone wants to be a member of the clean plate club! ;)

Dayton told me that Miss Kari (his teacher) said she was his girlfriend but he followed up with "but I'm really bored by it"! Ellie told me Miss Kari made the spaghetti with love...not noodles today! She also said she has a boyfriend in her class and also in the Kindergarten class. We'll have to talk about that with her later!! Dayton than sat me down and said, "Let's talk about our day, Mom. You first. What did you do?" We each went through our day and shared various highlights. He even let Ellie have a turn and they each listened attentively to one another and made me proud!

They both hopped in the tub to bathe tonight and apparently Ellie had a very small accident that sent them both scurrying very quickly! The giggles and squeals were more out of excitement than disgust! I on the other hand was not squealing with any kind of delight knowing that I was stuck cleaning and disinfecting the tub. My gag affect is in full swing and gets me EVERYTIME!

To expedite the whole process of getting them clean and into their warm jammies I turned the shower on and Dayton hopped right on in! He generally takes showers and was more than happy to do so to avoid the "germs in the tub". However, Ellie has never taken a shower but asked if she could dance in the shower. We swung a deal that if she washed her hair she could dance all she wanted. Dayton led the way and set the example. Ellie followed in suit and washed her hair flawlessly.

At this point the dancing began! The kids were both giggling and enjoying themselves! While I kept the pictures G Rated I couldn't resist capturing some of their silly smiles!

For prayer tonight it was Ellie's turn and she looked at me squarely in the eyes and said, "It doesn't have to be long, Mom". She proceeded to "bless everyone in the world" and was pretty much done! Dayton agreed with her methodology and commended her after the fact. To top the evening off Ellie asked if she could snuggle with me and Dayton happily joined in for some quiet moments after prayer and before bed!

On the B Side: I love making memories! The kids will often recall the funniest and sometimes the smallest details or things that happened. I love the day to day moments and feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have these two little people in my life!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Life is always sweeter when my babies are home! Their Dad dropped them off this evening and I always love hearing about their time away. Ellie graciously helped me fold clothes while Dayton munched on some clementines.

We finished the Magic Tree House book #8 and they were excited. We always switch the names from Annie and Jack to Dayton and Ellie when we read and they love it! They both went to bed quietly and were out before 9. I sure do love my little ones!!!!

On the B Side: I am just thankful to have them home with us again! I'm glad that they're both healthy and happy and just feel so blessed to have these two little amazing spirits in my life!

She's Our Blue Eyed Girl!

Check out our little Betty Beans and her beautiful eyes complete with her new glasses! Don't miss our dapper little Ute fan to the left! They come home tonight and I AM SO EXCITED!

On the B Side: I am grateful that we were able to detect and correct the issue with Ellie's eyes now so that she won't have problems later. I'm also thankful that Dayton has perfect peepers!!!