Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Laundry Basket Relocation

Today I am relocating the laundry basket filled with my life. My life fits neatly in the laundry basket though pieces of it remain at home with Mark, scattered at my Mom's and all over the inside of my tank. I really do feel homeless...oh wait, I am.

I've been house/pet sitting for a good friend and am now headed back to my Mom's. While I typically do not have a problem being alone, the time and space to myself this time around has not been good for my head. I've had way too much time to think, re-think, evaluate, re-evaluate and get lost in my own life. It has been nice to be so close to my kids. It's already June 16th which means that two weeks from today the tenants are scheduled to vacate our property and two weeks from tomorrow the children and I will clean our little hearts out and prepare to stabilize our life once more.

I got my nails done yesterday in an effort to make myself feel better...didn't really work but I have given up trying to eat my emotions (me and the chocolate chips really did break up). Tonight I have the kids and I'm excited to spend time with them. I have two surprise parties to attend this weekend, so that will be fun and hopefully keep me busy. Again, I just want the time to pass quickly this week.

On the B Side: At some point I will have to quit wishing time away. As for now I am restless and don't feel too bad about it!

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Ivanhoe said...

I'm glad you are looking ahead and working towards future. It is a huge step. Keep getting that Britta back :o)