Friday, September 26, 2008

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ELEVEN TWELVE

The title of this post is to be read to the tune of the Sesame Street song. You know the one. Read it again and sing along.

1 The number of children that Mark and I have together (go team Lee Lee!)

2 The number of years that Mark and I have been married (bless his patient heart!)

3 The number of younger sisters that Dayton has (aye carumba!)

4 The total number of kidlets in our family (each special, unique and so very loved!)

5 The number of domiciles we have lived in since #2 (we like to move it, move it!)

6 The number of smiles found in our home (on most days but not all days!)

7 The number of jobs that Mark has had since #2 (he's a persistent mo fo!)

8 The number of children's hands and feet in our home (busy, busy hands and feet!)

9 The total number of Grandparents in our children's lives (lots of lovin'!)

10 The age in weeks of our baby cakes (she completes us!)

11+ The number of times the word, 'Mom' is heard / spoken / uttered / whispered / yelled / cried / whimpered in our home (it's good to be needed!)

On the B Side: Life is all about the journey and ours is one wild ride! xxox

Friday's Fab Five

1. Recently I met up with Budgie Cakes and Julianna from my mish! They ARE fabulous and it was a great evening! We served together in Belgium/France and while I didn't get any pics of the three of us together that night I did snap a shot of the Temple. 2. Lori's Birthday 80's Prom was a blast! She is definitely fabulous! We all had a blast! How hot is she in her drag queen get up?! Yes, she was crowned prom queen and that IS her brother!

3. Dayton has been doing a fabulous job representing us in the soccer world! I love that he can focus his energy on something so constructive. Soon he will be skiing again! 4. Ellie's 5th birthday really was fabulous! She had a great day reveling in the excitement! 5. Adi saw the doc this week and is doing really fabulous! She is in the 35% for her weight and 85% for her length. What this really means is that she is lean and long! She had way too many shots (immunizations) but is doing great and weighed in at 10lbs and 9 oz!On the B Side: Life is far from perfect for us but there are plenty of bright spots that are fab!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

She's Got A Way About Her

BETTY BEANS! AHHH! I can't believe my little girl is five today and I definitely can't imagine my life without her! Last night I got all choked up. We talked about how this was the last night she would ever be four and as we prepared for bed this song came on and it pretty much sums it all up! We laid together on the floor in the dark as I marveled at my precious little girl! She is an amazing little girl and darling as all get out! She is so full of fun and is way too grown up for her age! She has a personality the size of Texas and isn't afraid to tell people what she thinks! She is a girly girl to the core and loves to make people laugh. She is very selective about who she spends her time with and is way too smart for her own good! I love this little girl with all of my heart and can't wait for her to wake up this morning!!

On the B Side: Ellianne is an amazing blessing in my life! She is an original for sure and has a spark that just keeps on going. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! xxox

Monday, September 22, 2008

Manic Monday: Formula

Mo's Manic Monday: Formula

No, this is not another post about the woes of Nutramigen. That would be too easy and it already consumes a significant portion of my brain and pocket book. I continually remind myself that it is worth it for Adi's sake. What I would really like to know is this...

What really is the formula for balancing life?

I am a Mother of 4 beautiful children. I work full time and I manage a house hold. I have a newborn, I juggle Dayton and Ellie's schedule with their Father as well as Kayla's with her Mother. I started back to work 2 weeks ago and am still trying to figure it all out.

I am busy at home helping the kids with homework and reading. I try to stay on top of the laundry and dishes daily. I've officially become a soccer Mom as of the beginning of this month and most of all I would love to be a well rested Mom. If there were 36 hours in each day I might stand a chance.

Until then I remain a Jill-of-All-Trades-and-Master-of-None! While I enjoy the ride, I have no idea what the destination actually looks like.

On the B Side: As busy as life is, I would not change it one bit!