Thursday, April 9, 2009

That Book has the Wrong Cover

There is a little girl name Payton. Payton is a darling, happy little girl who loves to laugh, giggle and play. While she is not in Ellie's class, she often invites Ellie in and helps her to feel better as I leave in the morning. It's priceless really to see her beautiful and caring heart reach out to Ellie so naturally. I have noticed this and have been thankful on many occasions.

Ellie told me that Payton's Mommy and Daddy are gone and that she lives with her Grandma. In the past I have seen Payton's young mother drop her off. At first I thought or had hoped it was aa temporary situation but Ellie has talked about it since then and this does not appear to to be the case. While it isn't my position to draw any conclusions, I can't deny that there was a heaviness that set in on my heart hearing this and thinking about it since.

One day I was running particularly late as I dropped Ellie off for school. Sweet little Payton was in a pile of tears sobbing to herself on the floor and holding her blanket tight. My heart felt heavy and I had to hold back my tears as my eyes quickly welled up. I had many questions in my head and the first was, why was the world continuing on normally around this poor child?

I quickly dropped to the floor and wrapped my arms around her. I rubbed her back and stroked her hair. I talked to her softly as she whimpered for her Grandma. I told her all kinds of wonderful things about life, school and her beautiful little self. I stayed for quite a while and eventually had to leave for work. I felt defeated, as she was still so sad and seemingly unaffected by my efforts.

I hated that I could not take her pain away and just make things okay for her just during those moments. I was pensive during the day and thought about her. I got caught up in my work, the day passed and I went to pick up Ellie.

I walked in and this precious little girl RAN to me, wrapped both her arms around me and gave me the biggest, most amazing heart felt hug. She had her signature smile back in full force and she was bright and sparkly all over again. She had made a special drawing of a rainbow for me during the day. She had carefully written her name on the rainbow and was beaming as she gave it to me. I wanted to cry all over again but this time for a completely different reason.

On the B Side: While I still have no idea what is happening in the life of this little girl, I was reminded of some very important things this day. The first reminder was that of the priceless value and purity of children. Jesus LOVED the children. How much more can we do to love and care for them...all of them?

The second was the responsibility we have to serve as strong examples by word and deed. They look to us even when we don't think that they do and they need us even when we don't know they do. They do hear us and they do listen.

The last and most personal thing I learned, is that even when you don't think you are making a difference, you should always do good. You should always choose the right. See a need. Fill a need. While the cover of this little book told me that my efforts were in vain, the content of this book showed me so much more. This day I FELT particularly blessed and was acutely aware of my Heavenly Father's love for me...and for each of us.

Payton continues to rush to me each morning and each afternoon and we both hug, are thankful and I am reminded all over again of these things.