Friday, June 19, 2009

My Moonbeams

I know, I know. I'm completely partial but they are beyond darling! What's not to love?! Dayton will be 7 in less than 2 weeks and shortly after that our little Bubby will be 1 (don't have my camera but will grace my blog with her later). Dayton will start 2nd grade at the end of July. Ellie will start 1st and then she will quickly turn 6. Time is precious and it moves very, very quickly.

It's so much easier to move forward knowing that their bright and smiley faces are quietly cheering me on without even trying! They make me laugh and each day is more wonderful because of my 3 children. Tonight Bubby and I are headed with the girls up North to a surprise party and I'm looking forward to getting just a little bit closer to the Britta. Time to get out again and shake it up a little!

On the B Side: I have determined that while I may not be able to control my emotions, I can control my mind. I am taking the steps to get my thoughts in order as to gain a strong stance and push past the crud that has become my funk and subsequently taken me from me.

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lizzo said...

It was so much fun seeing you last night! I needed time with the girls like you did.