Friday, April 25, 2008

Quick Run Down

Happy Birthday to my Mom! I won't go into any numbers as it suffices me to stipulate she is older than dirt and also sick as a dog today :( Feel better soon!

Dayton had his sleep test last night. His Dad stayed with him overnight and apparently it went really well. This morning he gave me the details of about all of the little round stickers that they put on his head, face, tummy, arms and legs. I'm anxious to hear more and even more anxious to get the results.

My Michelle has surgery on her heart today so needless to say I have been a little anxious about that and left her a VM early this AM. She starts chemo again on Monday and remains hopeful about her future.

Marky and Jazzy went to the Jazz game last night together and Marky did notice my hair when he got home and was rather insulted that I speculated it would take him 3 days to notice!

I was really excited as while we were at the pool this week I bumped into an old roommate from USU! What are the chances?! I love this kind of stuff! I about choked when we figured out it was TEN YEARS AGO! This also reminded me that I left for my mish ten years ago. It was really fun to see Lori, learn that she married her missionary and meet her 3 children and niece!

Clanc and fam are coming down tonight so hopefully we can get together with Lori. Mostly I'm excited to see Clancy and Dust!

I'm not feeling so well today but forced myself to come into the office. The kids are gone this weekend so it will give me plenty of time to relax. We're still home hunting and are looking forward to the sale of of WJ home that is scheduled to close shortly.

My boss flew back to Cali yesterday which makes things feel less tense or something as I push forward with my latest project! It did snow here yesterday which was odd as today it's much more spring-esque with no indication it even snowed! With a little bit of luck and maybe a late afternoon nap I may make it out to a movie tonight!

On the B Side: I love having a blog to be able to document life's random happenings today so I can look back and remember tomorrow!

PS - I found my keys in the garbage! Thank you Marky!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

27 Weeks and a Wild Hair!

Happy third trimester to baby Adalie and me! Baby is 14.5 inches in length and 2 lbs in weight. She's floating along and awaiting the upcoming glucose test. I'm tired, she's active and we're all anxious!

Today I have a 2 hour maternity orientation for Oracle that will give me the low down on my maternity leave. I can't believe I'm doing this again!

I had my nails done today by Jennifer. She had the cutest new hair cut that I was admiring. On the spot she cut my hair to match hers! This was extremely random for me and not something I would ordinarily do (unless I was Clancy!) I was so excited as my hair has felt shapeless and frumpy (no fault of yours Shell!) Jennifer spent quite a bit of time texturizing it and took a good 8 inches off! I love it except there isn't much that can be done about my chubby face!! I'm going to wait and see how long it takes Mark to notice. I'm guessing at least 3 days ;)

On the B Side: I really struggle because I'm now older, fatter and in a different place in my life this time around. Thank you to all of you who have been supportive and helped me to keep my sanity!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Alright Shellbait, it's your turn. Hit us with your Top 10 or even your bottom 10. Any 10. Do this tonight or I give Sarah the low down on Patty and Darla...

Days Gone By

Today I was looking through my machine at work in an attempt to downsize, simplify, consolidate and clean out outdated materials. While on my adventurous expedition I bumped into some older pictures of the kids that melted my heart and made me smile from the inside out!

Here's little Betty on her second Halloween. She is a chubby 13 months old and sporting a darling ballerina costume made by her Grandma Packer! She was such a happy girl!

And here's one of my little D man. This was taken shortly after Ellie was born in 2003 I believe. He's changed so much!

Here is Beans a little older. This was taken at the Condo in Sandy and remains one of my favs!

Another Condo picture, another fav of my little dancing D! Obviously he dressed himself!

Here's Ellie copping a little attitude...also a favorite!

and my precious Princess Dayton well before he knew it wasn't cool for dudes to cross dress!

Here's an early Spring 2004 shot that cracks me up everytime!!!

On the B Side: Thank heaven for photos! My memory fails and looking at pictures from the past brings a rush of remembrance and a feeling of sheer and natural happiness!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tag, I'm it per Clancy Pants!

Okay, 10 random and little known things about me...

1. I am painfully clumsy and always have been. Yesterday Ellie tripped over some shoes, bounced off of the dining table, kind of landed on her bum and hopped up again. Mark commented out loud that she is already too much like me. I broke my finger in HS playing field hockey not because I had some crazy hot moves that day but it happened randomly during warm up. One time a few years ago I fell walking (not running, not jumping not doing ANYTHING cool) and completely broke a bone off in my foot. Um, tard girl, right here.

2. I am a terrible driver. I fully recognize this and really do my best but I get flipped off more often than not but I promise that I never *try* to be a crappy driver. My Dad use to tease that I had 'rounded' off all four corners of my Accord (and he was right) and now I've got three rounded corners on my Denali. Actually I hit a car in a parking lot yesterday and didn't even know it...whoops. Luckily it's never anything serious!

3. I am as forgetful as all get out! I always have been and I think it may have gotten worse as I have gotten older. My Grandmother use to tell me that if my head wasn't screwed on tight I would forget it too! I wish I could blame it on my brain tumor but I really don't even think that is it. Do you have any idea how often I lose my keys???

4. I have crazy crappy luck (yes I just said that out loud and I'm sure the universe heard me and I so do not care!). In High School I had a close friend who called me 'Lucky Charms' for this very reason and even now my Dad tells me that if I didn't have bad luck I would not have any luck at all.

5. I can't cook to save my life. I'm not good at it, I don't enjoy it and I fail miserably more often than I would like to admit. Two days ago I cooked a huge package of hand trimmed skinless boneless chicken and ended up throwing the who thing out after I royally botched it all up. Again, my Father always told me that I should have paid more attention growing up (he did all of the cooking) and PERHAPS just PERHAPS he was right!

6. I am a chronic nail biter. It's a terrible habit and periodically I have been able to quit this nasty action but for the most part I have done it all of my life. As a small child my Father (yes, him AGAIN!) tried putting that yucky yellow stuff on my nails to keep me from biting them but despite the fowl taste I kept on keeping on! It use to bug me when people associated it to me being nervous but now that I'm older I think they've probably been right all along! Can we say N-E-U-R-O-T-I-C to the bone?

7. I am painfully indecisive. Yes, I am an official and eternal fence sitter. There are some things that I feel very strongly about. I remain immovable in those certain areas (almost to a fault...just ask my husband!) however, if it isn't something that I KNOW then I generally waffle around and get caught up in emotions and consider way too many variables trying to do the 'right' thing and determine what is best.

8. I have always been a phone addict. I love to talk on the phone. Tonight Mark told me that it secretly drives him nuts. In 3rd grade my Dad got a 2nd phone line at the house and has always teased that the phone is growing out of my ear. My first phone was a hot pink Conair and my favorite phone was a black Swatch phone. Back in the day my pals and I use to place a call out, quickly press hold, dial another call on the other line and then conference the two. Do you get it? It was like each party on each line thought that someone was calling them. Really they were calling each other and some of the results were beyond hilarious! Of course this was waaaaaay before callerID!

9. I snore. Yes, yet another glorious thing about me! I can remember being anxious about sleeping at friends house for this reason. In 2nd grade Laurie Roma's Mom commented about how awful it was all night and I felt terrible. I was so embarrassed. Then on my mission I had a companion that went crazy because of this and again I felt terrible. Some times it bothers Mark but most of the time he is so busy snoring that it doesn't affect him. I can't help and frankly I've never heard it myself ;)

10. I am the world's biggest sleepy head! I was always the first to fall asleep at slumber parties as a child. Our family Dentist told me that the only other person that they have had fall asleep in the chair is my Dad! In college my roommates called me 'bed bunny' because I was always in my bed. I still feel strongly that naps are a wonderful thing! On my mission I would fall asleep in appointments and was awful. Obviously I have found out that my health has something to do with this so yes, I am going to have to pull the brain tumor card here folks!

As for this post, I would love to tag my blog buddies Sarah and Kristin to learn more about them! I also want to tag Angela as she was so diligent in posting about her children so now it's her turn!

On the B Side: While these things may all seem negative I don't feel that way about them at all! I've given up trying to live up to some ideal that I hold in my head. Theses are the things that make up who I am (not comprehensively!) and those who know me love me anyway! Writing this also reminded me all over again how incredibly blessed I am to have an advocate such as my Father in my life! He's been one of my best friend for years and years and has ALWAYS patiently put up with all of my crazy antics/quirks. Thank you Mr. Wonderful!!!!!

Random Saturday Shots

While it was warmer the wind made it a little crazy to play outside! The kids had a blast being out of the house and Shellbait came over in the afternoon. Kayla was gone most of the day while Dayton and Ellie and I went to lunch with Mark. Yes, Ellie wore the pink tutu and tiara everywhere we went and yes, she loves the attention it invokes!

I did manage to get all of the laundry clean, folded and put and put away! I also got the dishwasher filled, cleaned and emptied and got one bath room spic and span! The grocery shopping is done and on top of it all I've got the kids trained to put their dirty dishes in the sink...that gives them one up on Markus!!!

We also bought a few versions of Brain Quest as well as a chalk board. The kids took turns answering questions and each got to keep their own score (great practice for writing numbers) on the chalk board!
On the B Side: Saturday was a nice relaxing day and in the midst of the busy-ness of our lives I so appreciate these days!