Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's Fab Five

1. Ask me how much I yuv Koug? Can't wait to go to East Canyon tomorrow!

2. Scared of me buying Boca! Glad to be going more towards a healthy life style. Rock on Kaci!

3. Looori's home today! Feel better, Pookie! See you Sunday?

4. Sassy Sarah stopped by for 2 seconds today. Come back soon!

5. Shay, Zach and Cade came over for a play date. How lucky are we?!

On the B Side: Life will be evern better when Rebecca gets her bottom back from Cali and Shell quits galavanting!! Hurry home ladies!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday's 13

1. To the dude who almost ramrodded the back of me today on his motorcycle going way too attention! No one wants to live with those memories because of your carelessness.

2. To anyone who uses a public restroom, please do not use the stall directly next to another person when all of the other stalls are empty. Easy enough, right?

3. FaceBook, you were never cool. I'm way over you.

4. It's one thing to be tired but why must we be punished and have to look tired?

5. Take note: fat jokes are not funny. At all.

6. Ethnocentricity is real. Get over yourself!

7. Do I stare at you when your child cries? No. It's called courtesy...please get some!

8. Bobby pins do not belong up a baby's nose and I should not have to tell anyone that.

9. If I trip over your shoes you can bet your bippy that I ain't gonna be happy!

10. Guess what? If you pay things on time you don't have to pay late fees. Deep, I know.

11. Nutramigen is expensive, sticky, stinky and sometimes a necessary evil. Ugh.

12. Just because someone is being realistic doesn't mean that they are being mean.

13. Intentions are everyting but nothing without action.

On the B Side: I know I'm grumpy and I know it will pass! It's kind of like that little freckled face red head once sang, the sun will come out tomorrow!

PS - Heard in our house this week out of Dayton's funny little mouth, "Cheater, cheater Pumpkin Chowder!" Good one!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Red Vixen Who Stays Dialed In Has My Number

On a day when I feel particularly yucky (you like that word, right?) this came into my life. I can't bring myself to fake it until I make it right now and wish I could stop crying enough to not look stupid at the office. How sweet and very endearing is she?

On the B Side: Amy, thank you. Thank you for being a friend, for standing as an example, for thinking way more of me than I really am and for being in tune with the fact that I stand painfully in need today. Can we hit the Temple together soon? I'm only a year late :( You are beautiful inside and out and I do so love you! I am a better person for having you in my life.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Month in Pictures

I've fallen painfully behind! Here is a glimpse into our life since September has begun! We hung out at Marcy and Jeff's. Between our 2 families we have 8 kids! Here are the 6 oldest; Carter, McKayla, Elise, Noah, Dayton and Ellianne.
Ellie loves to stop and pose for the camera!
Kayla stops playing to smiling for the camera!
Dayton strikes a pose and makes a silly face!
Dayton got this Mr. Incredible costume when he was 4. He is now 6 and still wears it...with is Hulk crocs. This pose was his own making!
Ellie was all curls for picture day at school!
Kayla and her Kindergarten curls!
Adi has graduated from the sink to the tub!
My bestest bud Rebecca at work spent some time with us.
Dayton is on a soccer team with his cousin Neal. I caught him mid-air in this one!
Dayton and Neal at their first game last week. They are too cute!Ellie and Kayla started school after Labor Day. They are both in an all day private Kindergarten together. Kayla is the tallest and Ellie is the smallest!

On the B Side: September is flying by! I am absolutely in love with Fall and the kids are excited about Halloween already! Despite our day to day struggles there is much happiness in our lives.

Angel and a Pest #3

First of all, I have to say how much I miss the kids!! Dayton, Ellie and Kayla are gone this weekend and I miss them all like crazy :( Dayton and Ellie will be home later today and I so look forward to that. We'll see Kayla tomorrow morning and I also really look forward to her return. As for this week's angel and pest here's the low down;

Angel: My Lingy! Thank you for the honest chat this morning. You really are a doll and I do so love you. Funny that something like MS served as the catalyst for our friendship. Thank you for always making time for me, worrying about me, quietly serving me and just being you! You are extremely insightful and able to be objective about life and it's struggles. You became even more endearing as you held Dayton after his bee sting and please know your back rubs are to die for! You are the craziest, cutest Australian beef cake I know!! See you next Tuesday ;)

Pest: While I do not feel it appropriate to name a specific individual I will say that I feel strongly that IT IS NOT OKAY TO TREAT OTHERS POORLY OR MAKE THEM FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE INTENTIONALLY and especially not in my home but thank you for apologizing...that warmed my heart! How important is it that we do not take life or ourselves too seriously? Painfully and crucially important!!! xxox

On the B Side: Again, I just feel blessed and so happy.