Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday's Fab Five

1. My bff from many moons ago and I reconnected this week. Reunited and it feels so good!

2. Christmas shopping is just about complete. BOO YA!

3. Not only did I get to chat with my Cynthia but I had some serious face time. AW YEAH!

4. DD Cakes is doing really, really well at school. Sigh.

5. Ellie got to take 'Sumi' home from school this weekend. It really is the simple things in life.

On the B Side: I am so excited for the weekend. I've done a ton of thinking lately about life and such and I'm feeling really good and ever so thankful. xxox

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa Baby

Okay, okay. I got busted for not making mention of my brother in the last post. I'm pretty sure Auntie Mic was ready to call Sigfried and Jensen on me!!! So in honor of my one and only sibling (the one who cut the heck out of our couch and phone cord at our Grandparents and DENIED) here is the latest (and certainly one of the GREATEST) photos of the one, the only JAZZY PANTS!

He's saved my life more than once (and I ain't talking about Santa!). He is just about the coolest Uncle EVER and he does seem to be carrying a little high in this pic!

He is playing Santa for their Ward Christmas party at church (special gratitude to his wife on getting him fudged into that lucky role!!). I showed my kids and they recognized him immediately...I told a tiny fib and told them it was his Halloween costume! They bought it...hook, line and sinker!!! BooYa!

On the B Side: Jazzy is easily one of my best friends (I won't say THE BEST and risk Mic's wrath again!). He's got a heart the size of China and always goes out of his way to help others. He's responsible, strategic and thoughtful. He's hilarious AND handsome...too bad I got all of the brains!! BWAHAHAHAAHAAA! Okay, okay. I jest. Wait, what did I get? Am I like Danny Devito in 'Twins'?! xxox

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Forget Wordless Wednesday

Yeah, homie don't play least not today as I have waaaay too much to say. Quiet is not in my diet! There is much to share and a few questions to pose. Let's start there...

I need a new skin care regimen. Suggestions? I'm over Clinique. Don't wanna pay for Estee. Not an Oil of Olay kind of gal and thinking I'll pass on Mary Kay. Considering Origins again. Help a sister out...

Next question...

What's better than finding money in the wash? Finding a totaly fab shirt that you bought and forgot about! It was a happy day in my home yesterday for this simple reason.

I heart MAC and the latest and greatest grabs I got. Thanks to my favorite Red Vixen!!! Now Submarine and Pen n' Pink can retire but they will be mine for-EV-er!!!!

I realize that my blogroll is gone. It was intentional...simply because I'm laaaaazy. I'll fix it after the holidays when I'm ready to roll with a new layout! I'm actually trashing the blogroll page element, sticking with an HTML element and iGoogle (I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!).

Yesterday Betty Beans had my phone to call her Popcicle. When I asked her what she was up to she told me, "Mom, I have it under control". Um, yeah. She's 5 and she kiiiiiills me (and so does her new alter ego, Mr. Elliot with the throaty-wanna-be-British-accent!!!)

Mic's fresh blood has never been so good and no, that is not yet another Twilight reference (but Carlisle can be my doc anytime!)! She and Grandpa Mikey pulled off a flawless Thanksgiving dinner. The best part? We get to keep her (Mic, not the turkey!)!!! Is it sick that I'm still dreaming of her cheese ball and to-die-for rolls???

DD Cakes starts up Jr. Jazz again and it will be so good to keep that little monkey busy! He's reading like a rock star which translated means that I can no longer spell things out in his presence, DANG IT. He also gets up in the middle of the night to go potty and is working the CPAP like it ain't nobodies business. Aw yeah, baby.

Two Scoops had one heck of a sleeping streak last night. BAM. How you like me now? She is seriously the cutest little bug, pretty much EVER. No confirmation needed but thanks.

Have I mentioned how reakin' tall K Mo has gotten?! The girl is taller (and blonder) than anyone else in her class AND she looks killer in her Christmas garb!!! You go, girl.

My Dad is seriously DA BOMB and one of these days (when he stops saving the world and neglecting poor lil' ol' me in the process!!!) he will make a guest appearance on my blog at which point in time Mr. Wonderful will make his debut appearance in the blogosphere! BAD DAD!!!

We're ramping up to ski season and I'm pretty sure my Momma-cita and DD Cakes are counting down until the moment they can steal's so tempting for me even at my ripe old age! However, I will take the warm lodge and yummy hot coco over the bone aching chill that thrashes my joints.

Does anyone have any idea how delish the K-Sa-Dilla's are at Shell's? If you don't know then you are severely disadvantaged!!! Sorry to hear 'bout that.

I'm all torn up inside about the new job and need some serious direction. Seeking such tonight and it will be time well spent on my knees (no nasty jokes here, Rory and yes I still hate you for your Rockefeller locale!!!)

Suddenly the world of Sarah seems so much clearer. Aw, the strangeness has all but vanished and wow, does it feel good?! Would someone please insert the Milli Vanilli dance here? No pulling hamstrings, please.

Is anyone really funnier than Lorevis?! I mean, the note from God about Bruno's eye pretty much takes the cake. I hope Adi never cries at her again!!!! You so need to post that Aunt Looori.

What are the chances that I would pull up RIGHT NEXT TO THE COOLEST HANSON EVER? Pretty slim but yes, it happened in the middle of our metropolis that is the greater SLC area. Does that make me the stalker pal? No worries, Carrie. I never dug 'Single White Female'.

One of these days Laura and Kristin will remember to grant me access to their blogs. Let this stand as yet another feeble attempt to remind you lovely ladies. Until then I will love you from afar!

Clancy Pants, my darling. You do so have the BEST cookie recipe in the history of the world. It makes me miss you even more! Oh, and I heard YOUR song again on the radio. BONUS! Mmm Mmm good across the board!!!!

Kaci, where have you gone, my favorite work emailing friend?! Perhaps you are drowning yourself in something yummy from Starbucks or maybe you are knee high in tofu. Either way I MISS YOU and I still can't bring myself to reconcile with Boca!

Lisa, you are my new favorite friend! Your post 'To Tell or Not to Tell' is killing me! Seriously? Seriously. She is my latest follower. Chech her blogginess out, fo shizzle!

Ivana, I hate you for making me crave pumpkin rolls. Surely your recipe is free of fat, sugar and calories, right? I heard that everything this season is but I wanted to make sure...

Kougie, you'll always be my hand maid. Where art thou? Oh wait, it's my turn to come up there. I so owe you one! Whoa, and I am way stoked about your GREAT news! Jesus really does love you!

Lizzo, legos are not your friend. The sooner you learn this kind of thing, the better. Church is no longer for listening. Someone should write a book about all of this. Let me know how that works out for you. I heard you were perfect for the job (and it has nothing to do with the black thing you wore that one time!)

So have I mentioned what a great helper Marky Mark is on the home front. Um yeah. Dishes, garbage, kiddos (yes, all 4 of them) AND he minimizes all of the crap stacks around this joint. Remember that one time he stood in line to pay my ticket for me this week?! It's like those crazy Mormons say, CARRY ON! Which reminds me, the kids were absolutely fabulous at Church on Sunday AND we were early. It's like that movie (except completely different), 'LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL'!!!!

I have dinner in the crock pot, a date with ginger bread house #2 tonight, dinner with a bunch of Stott's tomorrow night, face time with Laura and Lori Saturday and time slotted with THE Krystal and Amanda the Toad. Could I bet any luckier?! The only thing that would make my world complete is a BIG FAT NAP! Oh and no nightmares, please.

(ps - I'm too busy to hyperlink, maybe later, sorry!)

On the B Side: There is tons of great stuff going on and I have the pics to prove it! Voila!!!

Captain Underpants! Tra Laa Laaaaa!

Moony B's busted Grandpa Mikey sleeping! Auntie Mic and our Squishy Bug pucker up!
You know your infant is tired when....
Kayla pretending to sleep! Busted!
Uncle Jazzy and Auntie Mic pose with our pumpkin heads! DD Cakes gives The Grateful Ed some lovin'

Take that Joe Gay!
Bunch of cheesers on TG day!
Mr. Elliot's first appearance!
Boo Boo reads to Adalie and Ba Fark
4 Little Indians

It's the most wonderful time of year! Love to all!! XXOX