Saturday, July 19, 2008

IT'S A BOY!!!!???

Guest entry by Michelvis.

Well...the good news is that we have a beautiful healthy baby. The other news is that there was some major confusion when the Dr. declared, "It's A BOY!"

Little Marky Jr. was born at 5:15 pm and weighed in at 7 lbs 7 oz. and 21 3/4 inches. Though everyone was really shocked, we are all happy...

I kid. Britta rocked the labor and delivery process. We were laughing a ton (which help her contractions) and she literally did 5 minutes of hard pushing before Adalie graced us with her sweet little self. It was a very tender moment between Britta and Mark as we heard Adalies first little cries. Okay, so maybe it was my crying they heard but still, it was a wonderful moment that I'm very grateful to have been a part of.

On the DD Side: I'm also really grateful that spray of blood/afterbirth missed me. I was watching a little too closely and nearly got the surprise of my life delivered in a projectile fashion. Britta's doctor, along with everyone else thought this was hilarious.

Congrats to Britta and Marky and your perfect addition!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Personality Plus?

I'm following Clancy's suit with this one! I took this personality test and here are the results. Some of them seem accurate and other things seem less than true for me. What do you think??

You are gentle, caring, talkative, dutiful, neat, dependable, and modest. You can be counted on to make sure everything is in its place, that people are doing what they’re supposed to be doing and all the supplies have been secured.

(This is usually dependent on my mood!)

When it comes to expressing yourself you walk a fine line between not wanting to offend anyone and helping people see when they’re not in line with social standards. You pay too much attention to other people’s evaluations of how acceptable you are if such evaluations are ever negative.

(I definitely worry about offending people but it has nothing to do with social standards)

You are driven by a sense of obligation, often overworked for the benefit of others. You prefer tasks that are highly outlined, organized and practical. You fill your life with meaningful activities and schedule any down time. You function at your best when people recognize your dedication and hard work. You enjoy helping any friend in need. You have a strong work ethic and can be critical of sloth, laziness and people who have possessions only through extreme indebtedness. You don’t receive nearly the gratitude or recognition that you deserve for all you do for others.

('Overworked' is the wrong word but it's hard for me to say no to others. I do also love tasks at work that are not organized at all but only at work and I appreciate recognition for a job well done!)

One of your greatest strengths is supporting family or group activities. You are a natural host or hostess. Your contribution of cooking, cleaning, fixing, or constructing is an expression of your love and loyalty to everyone present, and such labor is truly a pleasure for you to fulfill.

(Ding, ding, ding! My primary love language is acts of service!)

You were a model child. Relatively neat, sweet and conscientious, you were the child that every parent thinks they’re going to have. You may have openly disagreed or rebelled but if so it was short-lived and harmless and you were quick to accept the judgment of your parents along with any punishment they deemed reasonable.

(My Mom use to always tell me that I was like a 40 year old woman!)

As a mate you are completely dedicated to the partnership, willing to go the extra mile to keep it happy and stable. Parenting, for you, is a lifetime commitment. You are protective, supportive and patient, often putting your children’s needs before your own. You make sure all of your child’s physical needs are met. More than other parents, you see your children as an extension of yourself and your self-image suffers disproportionately if your child or children behave inappropriately in public.

(I fail big time as the mate thing but feel the parenting part is dead on except I've given up caring what others think in public!)

You go by the book and are suspicious of anyone suggesting that tried and true established methods should be revised or ignored.

(Most of the time I go by the book....)

You have a strong appreciation for traditions and ceremonies (such as birthdays and holidays). You skillfully connect with just about anyone you meet, able and willing to discuss topics like weather and sports which are sure to be shared by everyone. Your conversations often drift to nostalgic reminiscence of past events.

(Nostalgia? Yes! Traditions and ceremonies? Not so much.)

You put a lot of energy into maintaining your home. You keep things tidy, visually appealing and in working condition. You make sure your home is always well stocked with food and supplies. You take better care of your possessions than most types, cleaning, oiling, maintaining things so that they will always be nice, maintain their value, and function when needed. You want things to be sturdy and may replace something which isn’t broken if, after acquiring it, you realize that it’s of the new, shabbier quality.

(Most of the time these things are true but I'm way too pragmatic to replace something that isn't broken!)

You may or may not be a pessimist, but your speech is laced with reminders to realistically expect problems to arise. You are aware of the general dangers of living and are conscious of the fact that other people don’t heed your warnings as often as they should. You are also the first to point out to someone who seems surprised that they should’ve known that setbacks would occur.

(I'm all about reality at the risk of pessimism but I don't expect others to heed my words and I only point these things out to those closest to me, sorry!)

In a marriage you are helpful and supportive of your spouse. You enjoy working on tasks together, or working on your specialties at the same time (one cooks while the other fixes the plumbing). As a parent you do all you can to ensure that your children are well behaved and hard working.

(I try but faulter on these things way too often!)

On the B Side: That was fun for me (sorry it sucked for you)! I'm tagging Mommy Amy, Shell, Micci and Koug with this one to see what their results look like and how they feel about them!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sheer Disgust

While I do not usually watch Oprah I did catch today's episode and was absolutely sickened to the core of my soul. The title was "Seduced in Cyberspace" and the more I watched the more unbelievable and terrifying that it became.

I can't decide what is most horrific about this story;
1) the fact that children are exploited so heinously
2) the fact that it happens in the confines of a home
3) that the people soliciting this type of thing are "regular" people who interact with children(doctors, lawyers...all kinds of "professionals")
4) that it is common place REALITY. Ugh.

This story really is a tragic story that is just one of countless thousands. It makes my heart ache. Justin was a young successful boy who was an honor student and class president. He became involved in creating websites, started his own little business and was literally "lured" into this awful, awful underground world. Let's face it, if he went from creating websites to becoming a porn star overnight it would be obvious and would have never happened.

As it was it started with small and simple requests that "seemed harmless". Some sick bastage asked him to take his shirt off for $50. Over time it escalated and he lived another life with quite a following and making a lot of money. His Mother had no idea. All of this took place from the confines of their home and from within his room. IT MAKES ME SO SICK.

It is such a strong reimnder of temptation. If you have a choice between robbing a bank and heading to the office for the day the answer is quite obvious to most. However, if small measures are taken over a period of time you become desensitized and something you would have NEVER done becomes who you are. I'm talking about far more than just child porn (which again just makes me want to barf).

In life in general this is a common principle. Isn't there a story or parable about a frog in a pot? Something about the frog never jumping into a boiling pot of water BUT if the water is luke warm and seems comfy that's a different story. Over time the temperature is increased it it is ultimately to the demise of the frog. I promise that I didn't make that up and while I didn't do it much justice you get the jist.

Justin's story left me aghast and just kept getting worse the more that he shared. I won't go into any more of the tragic details as you can read the story on Oprah's site. It honestly reminds me of this talk by President Monson from 2004 and also this talk by President Uchtdorf in 2008. They are both great reads that help us to protect against the lures and also help us realize how seemingly simple errors can lead us down a completely wrong path.

On the B Side: I am grateful that despite the death threats Justin is able to share his story. I am grateful for the reporter (and people with this type of integrity and heart) who intervined and took an interest in the life of this young man. I am grateful that there are good people with pure intentions in this world. I am grateful for those who are willing to do the right thing and those are are willing to readjust their course when they find themselves off by just a few degrees.

Just Shoot Me

...and you thought it was just a silly show starring David Spade! Oh no, it's so much more than that. The reality is that I am now officially 39 weeks pregnant and 'just shoot me' is definitely my theme for the week!

Don't get me wrong. It isn't that I can't handle the physical discomforts. I think you just adjust and it becomes your normal. I can live without the sleep. I can live with the crazy leg cramps and rolling in and out of bed/the car/chairs. I can live with the extra weight (even though I hate it) and I really don't even mind the diabetes all that much. I can manage my limbs going numb and it doesn't bother me too much to have insane heart burn on a regular basis. I'm so over being frustrated and running to the bathroom at regular intervals and the rumble in the bronx that takes place inside my tummy doesn't hurt all that much anymore either.

What is killing me? What's killing me is that I am terribly impaient. I have always been impatient and I just can't wait! We've been preparing for this little one for some time now and it honestly feels like an eternity. I am so painfully excited that I can barely stand it! The uncertainty doesn't work for meand even though we're scheduled to go on in Saturday morning that still leaves me with way too much time to think. Part of me was hoping that we would just go into labor and the other part of me just wants to fast forward to Saturday. UGH!!!!!!!

On the B Side: I know that either way she will be here so soon and I am *trying* to be thankful for that!!!!!!!!!! Just HUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Clancy's Wednesday Jar Pull

What was the first piece of furniture you bought?

I can't totally be sure but I think one of the first items that was purchased as newly weds in 2000 was a table from the Pennsylvania House in Lewisburg PA. It was round and huge and seemed like a deal even though we didn't have any chairs to go with it. We had a glass top made for it and my MIL and my Mom purchased some chairs for it for us as wedding presents, I believe.

We had it moved out to Utah with all of the other stuff that my Dad had sent out. It barely fit in the kitchen in our first apartment and pretty much dominated our living area in the condo. It was solid wood and we were excited to pick something out that seemed affordable and was not from RC Willey!

On the B Side: I am grateful for the beds we purchased for the girls last week! Shell helped us get a killer discount on them and the girls love them! They are white and look like something simple from Disneyland. In time we hope to save us and purchase more of the actual set for them but for now we're glad that they don't have mattresses on the floor (we disassembled their bunk beds and gave them away thinking we were moving a few months ago!).

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yesterday I finally sold the Accord and Mark got our tenants under contract on a lease! It's these small successes that make my day feel fulfilled! I have my list of items To-Do today and feel super productive already!

On the B Side: I got the best surprise phone call this morning from my friend Ayat! She is an amazing person with incredible insight and perspective and it always brightens my day to hear from her!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Manic Monday: Bug

"Mom, I'm not going to step on any more bugs because they are alive." says my mostly sweet Dayton on the way into Primary Children's to have his blood drawn a few months back.

Then there's my precious little fire cracker Ellie and one of her infamous and often heard phrases, "Mom, Dayton is bugging me!"

On the B Side: I'm grateful for these little people in my life!

More Baby Cakes

I saw Doc N again today. While I didn't lost any weight this time I didn't gain any either. Baby also has evened out and did not grow this week. Blood pressure was rockin' and my blood sugar is well under control. I have a total of 9 lbs that I picked up with this one and will leave the hospital with less than I started. I think that's my silver lining!

As for my progress there has been a little but not enough to put me IN labor. If my insurance allowed me to deliver at St. Marks I could be induced now (he has to be on site) but since I have to be at IMC (off site) I have to wait until Saturday :(

On the B Side: I am grateful that I get to keep my OB. He did make somewhat of an exception so I can't feel too bad about not being at St. Mark's today. In the mean time, how about some sweet A prayers that I go before then???

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pregnancy 101

I definitely want some feedback with this one so pay attention and be sure to offer your insight! You don't have to have kids to have thoughts, ideas or experience with these things so please don't fail me now!

Cravings - What has been your experience?
With Dayton it was banana spilts, chocolate milk shakes and M&M's. I didn't know I was pregnant with him until I was 14 weeks along and prior to that I was living on toast. Looking back I can't believe he did come out looking like something from Baskin Robbins!

With Ellie I can't actually remember any cravings! I am sure that I had some but that pregnancy flew by so quickly that I really don't remember too much. It was uneventful, which was a great thing! We found out on April 1st and she was here in September.

With this one I initially craved egg flower soup (probably due to the nausea) followed by cheese quesadilla's from Cafe Rio and then I was onto Jamba juice (cut short by diabetes). Lately it's been hot dogs grilled to a black crisp (no bun) and hopefully this ride will soon be over!

Diapers - What is your perference?
As for diapers, Pampers are definitely out. They smell like baby powder and then you mix in the urine and it's this nasty chemical induced nausea for everyone. in the vicinity. Plus they are the most expensive. In the past it's been Huggies for my babes and I've had no complaints but we have also tried LUVs and a few generics and have been hit or miss. As much as I would love to go green, I would never venture into the cloth world.

Formula- What has worked for you?
Dayton was unable to digest the protein in breast milk and any kind of formula except Nutramigen. If you are familiar with this product you know how crazy expensive it it; however, it is the ONLY thing his little system would tolerate.

Ellie didn't fair well with nursing either despite my determination. She ended up on a soy formula which was one step away from the Nutramigen. As she got a little older we were able to switch her to Good Start (maybe there is something to those comfort proteins?).

I have always been anti-Similac just because there is so much air and so many bubbles when you mix it up. My babies were both sensitive and subject to gas so I didn't dare try it. If they would have tolerated Enfamil we probably would have used theirs with the DHEA (or whatever it is). Good Start seems simple enough and is a little less expensive so maybe we'll try that this time?

Nursing - What are your feelings on this?
I will nurse if the baby can tolerate my milk without any trouble but I am only planning on doing that while I am home. I think it gets way too stressful to do it and work full time but I am interested in hearing from anyone who has had success with this.

As for pumping, I am so over it. I had one of the big electric pumps, pumped myself into an oblivion only to have the kids not tolerate it so this time I will pass! A freezer full of my efforts went to waste so it just didn't seem worth it. Plus achieving porn star status has never been on my To-Do list!

The other thing that made it hard in the past is that I am extremely private and never was comfortable nursing in front of others even with a blanket or whatever. I know that the health of a baby is far more important than these personal feelings but I would be lying if I said it was easy or comfortable for me.

So let's hear it! Sound off! I really want to hear about others and their experiences in the four areas of cravings, diapers, formula and nursing as I prepare to throw myself back into the ring!

On the B Side: I am anxious to read the thoughts, feelings, insight and experiences of others!

Still Going

Me, the Energizer Bunny and Adi Cakes! We are still going and I'm starting to wonder if the light at the end of our 11 day tunnel is a train coming directly at us!!!

I way overdid it yesterday and could actually feel my bones aching (sucks to get old!) but none of it was enough to prompt the babe to join us. I'm pretty sure she is already taking after her Uncle Jazz and hiding herself away unnecessarily!

Strong Nordic Stock? I'd say so! Still going...

On the B Side: I'm way stoked to see the doc tomorrow!