Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday's Fab Five

Credit for Friday's fav Five goes to my darling Clancy Pants!

1. DD Cakes and Betty Beans come home tomorrow! Enough said.

2. Koug really is my hand maid! I'm just sayin'.

3. I've had so many heart warming chats with Rebecca this week. Fabulous? Yes.

4. The Presedential debates are over. Let's get a new President already.

5. I really miss my Dad. He is my favorite person, hands down. I love you, Mr. Wonderful!

On the B Side: It's Friday and it's good to be home and relax. This week has been full of wonderful things that have touched my heart and for as much as I cry it feels so good to feel.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Angel and a Pest

Credit for the Angel and a Pest posts go to my beautiful friend Ivana

Angel: My dear friend Rebecca is nothing short of an angel . It's funny how our paths crossed and funny how we weave in and out of one another's lives. You are bright, beautiful and have heart that is always touching the lives of others. You stand as a strong example of pure goodness and you do it naturally and without flaw. It so wonderful to see you last night. It caught me off guard when you got a little emotional and made me realize all over again just how very special you are and just how much I love you.

Pest: This weeks pest is that little voice in my head that makes me doubt myself. I think that voice may exist within each of us and spurs a few questions. Just how much space are we going to give to that voice? Just how loud have we allowed that voice to become? That voice is something that we can control and I think it's about time we SQUASH it for good. Clancy my darling, you are the inspiration for the desire to learn to better love and trust myself as you have made me realize just how often and just how much I space give into that voice.

On the B Side: It is overwhelming when I think about the amazing people that surround me in my life. I don't understand it, I will not call it luck and I do not believe in coincidence. I think I'll just be thankful and do my best to take extra special care of them! xxOx

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Twilight Showing!

Twilight the movie is being released Friday 11/21. It is going to be nothing short of spine tingling, chill inducing, heart skipping vampire lovin' goodness!

The worst part: everything is sold out! Lucky for you the worlds coolest bff has rented out a very large theatre for those that still want to see the movie at midnight on opening night!!

Tickets are $15/person and you'll have a guaranteed ticket in your hand to see the movie! The details of the this event can be found at this blog.

Pass the word along to those in the greater SLC area that would love to see the show right out of the starting gate! Jordan Commons is beckoning you!! Catch the final and riveting trailor here.

On the B Side: I do not normally read fiction and I am not a Harry Potter fan; however, I was totally enraptured by this book! You can bet your bippy I'll be there...with bells on!

Flesh for LuLu Sang It Best...

"I Go Crazy When I'm Without You". This is not any kind of wonderful! On the B Side: Luckily they are far more resilient than myself. 4 more days after today. Hurry home soon my Moonie B's. XXOXO

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Manic Monday: Moon

This week Mo has chosen the word MOON. For more information click here. To join the fun click here.

"Moon Over Miami" is a classic film from 1941. I was in Miami with my Mom for my cousin Chris' wedding in 2003. Ellie was with me and she was 5-6 weeks old. It was easily the most fun I have ever had at a wedding! My Mom and I stayed in South Beach at the Clinton Hotel which was extremely funky and a blast! Ellie was a precious little darling and a great travel companion! My Mom was blitzed two of those nights (sorry Momma!) so I ended up taking care of her giggly self but enjoyed it none the less and probably more!

I do so love that no matter where you are and no matter where you go the moon is always there and always the same. It has served as a constant and as a comfort to me many, many times! I remember catching lightening bugs under it's light as a child. I remember staring at it while I was abroad in Belgium and France missing home. The kids and I often search for it now and to this day I swear that you can see the outline of a face in it!

For anyone who knows me, you know that my children are my moonbeams. This term was shared with me before my little DD was born in 2002 and it's always stuck. My little moonbeams have returned to Florida from their Disney cruise and are spending their days in Disney World with their Dad this week. Forget Miami, their moon is over Orlando right now!

On the B Side: I love and miss my little moonbeams like crazy! This is the longest I have ever been away from them. No doubt they are loving every moment and while my heart aches I am keeping in mind that we are sharing the same moon each night! xxox

ps - I love the little half moons that Adi's eyes make when she smiles!!