Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bustin' It Out!

I am definitely in my glory! My boot camp started today and I am loving it (despite the fact that I miss my family) Ellie has been struggling just a little and Dayton asked me today to come home early but for the most part they both seem to be doing awesome. I'm fairly certain that Adalie will have a tooth and may be crawling before I get home next Sunday. Lucky for them all Mark and my Dad are there and have things under control. OH YEAH!

On the B Side: There is life without Britta. Who knew?!

Bring on the Brotherly Love!

I was not super happy to be awakened by Room Service this AM particularly when I have the 'Do Not Disturb' door hanger thingy displayed. Between the time change and day lights saving, I'm a tired mess. Where is the Brotherly Love, Philadelphia...where is it?!

I'll tell you where it is. It was on the plane. Yeah, the one where I get so sick that I had to keep swallowing my puke until it got to be too much and too fast. Nasty, I know. Let me be the first to tell you that in the midst of all of the money saving cut backs Delta does not have barf bags. WTF?!

Fortunately for me to there was a fellow who had a bag and unfortuantely or fortunately as the case may be he noticed my dilemma and gave it to me just in the nick of time! I'm still trying to decide if I was more relieved or embarrassed. I have already purchased Dramamine to help keep the puke out of my flight on the way home next Sunday. Yes, both flights on the way here plagued me...ugh. Thank you kind man with the bag, thank you.

I must have called home 30 times by now. I'm so lost without my family and am anxious for my training to start today, yes today, Sunday. I am now thinking that I should not have waxed my eye brows last night. My skin is sore and red and I'm just hoping I can conceal it when I meet the group today!

On the B Side: I am excited to have arrived in Philly safely without too many hitches. I didn't have any problems finding my hotel and have had quiet time to rest. I miss my family like I mean literally. What I did before I had a family, I do not know.