Saturday, October 24, 2009

Remember the time...

Remember the time when I was 17 and driving to work and I was crying so hard that I didn't see that guy on a bike? Yeah, I was scared but don't worry, I pried his bike out from under my car just fine. His name was Freddy but all his friends called him 'Spazz'.

Remember the time when Ellie was 3 weeks old and I left her for the first time and my car broke down in the middle of the intersection of State and 3900 S? I was crying that time too AND I started to lactate. That was awesome, I was sad and my car was big time out of gas.

Remember the time that I was undecided about the H1N1 vaccine and whether or not I should give it to my children? Ultimately I climbed down off of my fence and frankly, it just feels good to make a decision. The children were brave and now are vaccinated and this Mom feels at peace.

Remember the time that I stopped blogging because I was all over the map on the inside? There's only so much a girl can do to conceal that garbage and putting any type of coherent thought on the internet during that time is not one of them. It's been a while and I've just accepted that I'm a work in progress.

On the B Side: Life is good. This girl right here has tons to be thankful for and today this girl...she *feels* it.