Friday, December 19, 2008

5 Months and Counting!

Years ago I was told that I would not be able to bear children. Dayton was a miracle and the doctors all scratched their heads. Ellianne was yet another spectacular surprise that followed a short 14 later. They both attested to the fact that medical science is grand but that there certainly is a higher power and that there is a plan for each of us.

Mark wanted a little one of our own. This would make our little blended family mine, yours and ours; a modern day Brady Bunch with a twist. I was told my brain tumor was active again and quietly held little hope when BAM! the blessing came. Not one. Not two but THREE count them 1,2,3 miracle babies.

Adalie is a delight. She is 5 months old today and makes us all smile and politely fight for her attention. The kids can't wait to see her each morning and love kissing her good night. We take turns holding her during family prayer and everyone gathers when it is time to bathe her so we can all watch her splash and kick her legs around.

The pictures are endless and we have had to run some crowd control at times. Her sweet smile and soft giggles are a pleasant reminder of just how blessed we really are. Her little petite features are darling and her eyes always seem to light up when she sees someone she loves. Her arms flap around when she is excited and she is slowly mastering the use of her pretty hands (which aside from her darling nose are my favorite part of her!).

She lays in her crib and pulls her legs up and throws them down for fun and the only time she really complains is when she is hungry. I often wonder where her feet will take her and what she will do with her beautiful hands. She is porcelain like a doll and we do get that often! She is patient and tolerant and she really does complete us!

On the B Side: Life is never what *you* plan and it's a good thing as I would have messed it all up a long time ago!! I love our little family and wouldn't change one thing, not one. xoxo

Friday's Fab Five

Yes, it's that time again! Here's this week's highlights dedicated to the ones I love;

1. Adi can roll from her tummy to her back! Yeah, that's right. Cause' that's how my girl rolls...

2. Dayton has been keeping his hands to himself at school and has had 3 great days in a row! It's tough when you're 6. I love seeing that kid put his mind to something and work towards it!

3. Kayla started with her tutor and loves it! This is really going to help her and also help us help her. Nothing feels as satisfying as progress and accomplishment. She's on her way!

4. Ellie's super attentive, independent, secure and passionate side has been ignited by her ballet/tap class. I love to see that girl flourish! The smiles are endless and she just beams.

5. Mark is a kinder, gentler man. No idea what has caused the softening but I did love seeing his tears well up at Glenn Beck's presentation of the Christmas Sweater. Sigh.

On the B Side: A huge storm is blowing in again today. It's Friday with the weekend on it's way in as well. I'm home in my jams with the babe working away. We're snuggled up in warm blankets with German pancakes in the oven with Christmas around the corner. Survey says: Perfection! (spoken with a French accent!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Swap Time!

I'm converted! I participated in my first two blog swaps this holiday season! Buddy the Elf sums it up best, "I'm in love. I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!"

The first was a stocking swap. If I didn't tear open the box like a kid in a candy store, I could've shared it's crazy cool contents! The inside of my car looked like a sparkle fest! Glitter girl, right here.

The second swap I did was Snow Kisses and Sparkles AND the fun just didn't end. I got an extremely festive and very creative box full of all kinds of delish goodies and glorious decor! This put the magic back into my Christmas! Plus I made two new pals! Seriously? Seriously.

I found yet another swap for the up and coming holiday of the heart. Yes. It's not even Christmas and I'm talking VALENTINE'S DAY (don't hate me because I'm beautiful). All I can say is SIGN UP NOW! I freaking had a blast putting my own packages together to send out for the swap and the real fun came when my packages arrived! As Nike once said, JUST DO IT!

Do not delay. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Instead, go here. SIGN UP NOW!

  1. Leave a comment on the post.
  2. Complete the questionnaire
  3. Send it to Heidi (so she can pair you up with someone of similar tastes. I so did not want little wooden Santa's or ceramic Snowman and I didn't so this step is important!).
On the B Side: You don't have to be a cover girl to be easy, breezy, beautiful and you don't have to pay a lot for that muffler (or your own Valentine package)! I'm just sayin' xoxo