Friday, October 10, 2008


Forget 5 Fabulous things this fine Friday! This stands alone...
If you have not read the book you must do it before 11/21/08! Edward is hotter than ever and this is looking more amazing than I thought it would be.Twilight

On the B Side: Stephenie Meyer is a talented author that has given me a much needed break from reality!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. I got the cutest phone call from the kids. They are in FL with their Dad and Step Mom for food, fun and fantasy (oh wait, that's Knoebels!) They were just boarding a 'big boat' for the Disney cruise of a lifetime!

2. Mark has had the whole week off and has done a flippin' butt load of packing, cleaning, moving and unpacking during his 'vacation'. Right now he's hanging our flat screen so I can get me a little Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace! Nothing but Good Vibrations here with my Marky Mark!

3. Is there such thing as a crazy cat man? My Dad got another cat. Does he really need that many? At one point he had 8 or 9 and they keep disappearing. Psst...someone is trying to tell you something, Popsicle!

4. Mark chipped his tooth almost completely out. While he was telling me how white trash it looked we had big ears in the corn field...Ellie has proceeded to tell people that Mark has white trash in his mouth!

5. Dayton was laying in bed the other night and said, "Mom, what if there was no night? We would just have to take naps all of the time!"

6. Sunday we went to Alan Alda's birthday party and had a blast! The highlight of the event was listening to my little nephew Carter tell people to shut their eye ball after he heard his Dad say shut your pie hole! Carter also told his Mom that Adi looked smarter than her!

7. Kayla has been with us this week while her Mom is out of town. We've enjoyed being full time parents and have had a blast. For some reason she loves the new place hardcore!

8. Adi was at the doc's. She had a diaper rash that just wouldn't quit. Turns out it was a yeast infection...wth?!

9. Last Friday we went to the clubhouse and watched, 'Mr Magorium's Magic Emporium' in the theatre. The kids were all in their jammies and allowed to stay up a little later. At 8:30 Ellie came over and told me, 'Actually Mom, I think I really need to exercise' as she wiggled her bum back and forth and pretended to run in place with her arms going back and forth! The best part: she was serious!

10. This week the highlights at work we had a paper plate throwing contest and a paper airplane making/throwing contest. The 800 pound gorilla has gone ape!

11. Dayton was munching on popcorn chicken in the back of my MAV when he asked, "Mom, what happens to me if you die?" We had to cautiously address this and of course the next natural question was, 'Wel, what if Dad and Mommy Amy die, too?". We explained that lots of people love him and nobody is going anywhere!

12. Our refi is still swirling :( We've got to dump that dang ARM.

13. My Mom finally told me the cold, hard truth. Rubin is in a no kill shelter and Eddie Spaghetti ran away. Nothing beats tears in Target with 4 sets of little eyes watching! Of course they wanted to know what was up and then I had 3 sad little munchkins who won't quit talking about it (and I'm sure Adi was sad on the inside!).

On the B Side: The docs did another EKG on my Dad and it went well EXCEPT for the dead tick that they found on his chest...lyme disease from a tick started this whole crazy mess. Just stay healthy Pops and remember, the good die ain't going anywhere! xoxo

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Manic Monday: Leaf

This week Mo has chosen the word LEAF. For more information click here. To join the fun click here.

I'm turning over a new one TODAY! Yes, a new leaf. I have been my own worst enemy for some time now. I work against myself for no apparent reason and most often without even realizing it. Listening to General Conference flooded my mind with wisdom, understanding and my heart with hope and inspiration.

I am a perfectioninst in my own mind (but never in application mind you). My expectations for myself are hardly fair yet I hold myself to them and feel miserable on the inside when I fall short...which is way more often than not. So I create and then harbor feelings of inadequacy and end up feeling like a dog turd.

Today was a reminder that we all face hardships. We all struggle, we all miss the mark, that there is no such thing as perfection in this life and that we are here to learn. We learn by doing and that means making mistakes. I really want to stop being so hard on myself . As I turn over my new leaf I am going to be more realistic with myself, more fully communicate expectations, seek help when I need it and just live my life the best that I can without stopping to see how I measure up in my own mind.

On the B Side: That was way more information then I had planned on but nonetheless I am super excited and also rather motivated to try a little harder to be a little better and quit wasting time on what I am not or what I didn't do. xxox