Saturday, May 3, 2008

On Our Best Behavior

Today Ellie had a birthday party for her favorite friend Hannah at Build-A-Bear. Hannah has an older brother Logan who is in Dayton's class so both kids went and it worked out really well.

The kids were super well behaved, polite and pleasant! They listened well and got along with the other kids. You just never know what you'll get so needless to say I was pleased as punch (whatever that means)! They each made a bear and had a lot of fun in the process.

The real pay off was the friends I made! Nicole is another little girl in Ellie's class who was at the party. She will be in Ellie's Kindergarten class in the Fall. Her Mom Vanessa is from Brazil and gave me her card so we can set up some play dates!

After talking with Hannah's Mom I was excited to learn that she also has a mine-yours-and-ours situation. While I know there's a lot of divorcees out there it was refreshing to talk to someone in a similar circumstance. Logan and Hannah are from her first marraige, she has a step daughter and a son from her second marriage. We chatted and are also going to try to set up some play dates which will benefit both Dayton AND Ellie. Double Score!

Let's face it, I was the real winner today! I love people, I love meeting people and I LOVE making new friends. With the kids there's an added incentive and makes it all the more satisfying!

On the B Side: I love watching the kids interact in various situations to see how they socialize and behave. I really was proud in a simplistic way to see them do so well! I also am so excited that I met some new people and made some new friends that will benefit all of us!

Friday, May 2, 2008

An Iron Maiden at Heart

In little ol' Danville Pennsylvania the mascot is the Iron Men given the historical significance of my home town. I miss it terribly but alas, I digress. The mascot is but a mere image is that of a posed bicep with bulging muscles. The only thing stranger than that are the school colors (which really are the town colors) of purple and orange! Yes, I was officially an Iron Maiden!

Today out office site had a team building activity for us consisting of a morning at the movies to watch, 'Iron Man'. I was skeptical and decided at the last minute given some prompting to attend and I a so glad that I did!!

While the movie was not something I would recommend for children it was nonetheless AMAZING! Robert Downey, Jr. was AWESOME! Above all else I was so excited that he is making such a killer come back and I loved the irony highlighted in the movie as it relates to his real life run ins with alcohol! He's a great sport and not at all what i would have imagined for a role like this but it works and it works well!

Keep in mind that I'm not really into action packed adventure movies about super heros (although Dayton and I do enjoy Spiderman together). I went into this one expecting to nap and from the get go it was engaging and the character development was rich. Four stars for this one and the shoot em' up scenes are the only thing that keeps me holding back that final star.

I will admit that after the movie the guys in the office were rolling their eyes at my analysis. Watching it reminded me of the aspiring rice cartel in China trying to take the form of OPEC given the undying desire for money in this crazy world of ours. It also struck me of the wars currently raging in our world and for that reason it was somewhat hard to watch at certain points. I'll stop before I subject anyone else to my random thoughts!

Regardless, I only cried once and remained awake the entire time! It really was a great flick and should certainly be seen over 'Made of Honor' this weekend! Today I felt like an Iron Maiden all over again! Now ladies dig up a babysitter, grab your hubbies and go enjoy yourselves Iron Man style! Iron Man did Danville proud!

On the B Side: I love when something catches you off guard. You form some kind of opinion based on limited information and then BAM! You find out you were way off base and really had no idea. These are moments that serve as ephiphanies that help us to see ourselves and our lives more clearly and allow us to shed pre-conceived notions. It's just too easy to form judgements and live in our own little paradigms! I love it when I suprise myself without even knowing it! Please tell me you've been there!

Just Say No to Poop and Stuff

Not sure how it works in the homes of others (but I'd be happy to hear about it!) but it has been my experience that Dad's typically serve as the 'cool parent'. Yes, Father's seem to be the fun, enjoyable, laughter bearing parent and frankly I think it sucks slightly BUT I did snicker today when Mark told me the following story as it made me feel slightly vindicated!

Mark picked up Kayla and stopped to look at another home on the way home. While they were being shown the home Kayla (who doesn't usually talk to strangers at all) says to the man showing the home, "My Daddy makes me say bad things. Britta is smart"

I snickered my cute litle pregnant head off when Mark relayed this story as he's always the one talking about poop and things of such nature. Needless to say he was thoroughly embarrassed and rightfully so! He's always trying to get Kayla to say something of that nature and I've been trying to help her see past his teasing and make good choices despite his silly promptings. Today was pay day!!!!

On the B Side: I love when kids cross into that zone and are able to think for themselves! I also love feeling like I am doing some good despite the fact that I sometimes merely feel like the cook, the chauffeur, the maid and the babysitter rather than 'the cool parent'.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Heart Divided

I am so bitterly torn. Watch this and tell me your thoughts...

Could it ever be as good as it was written?

On the B Side: Regardless of my personal distress these dazzling vampires will devour those wimpy wizards at the box offie on December 12th! Down with H Potterpants!!!!

28 Weeks

Baby and I have made it to 28 weeks! 9 out of 10 babies survive at this point which is a huge relief. Baby girl is able to perceive light and thankfully she has settled down since last weekend. I'm pretty big these days and was elated at the Maverick when one of the employees made a comment about me being pregnant.

The reason I say this is that there's this awkward stage in pregnancy when you just look fat but not really pregnant. The dental assistant cleaning my teeth in the recent past said, 'Oh I didn't know you were pregnant. I just thought you were a big girl'

Um, I pretty much wanted to die and her level of self awareness was not such that she was able to fully realize her commentary. Funny thing was that she wasn't one of thoes young chippies cleaning teeth. She was probably in her 40's and should definitely know better! I wanted to cry but I didn't...until later ;)

On the B Side: I am glad that the time is flying by!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Disaster 101?

I am no Donna Reed. I do not aspire to be Julia Childs. I have no need to seek out any of Martha's tips and whoever that Rachel chick is on tv that does all of the cooking can freakin' keep it!

Tonight we had planned on a birthday dinner for my Mom and Step Dad. Ellie ended up home with me due to a low grade fever. She perked up throughout the day and required attention that made it difficult to get work done. Michelle called and we had a good cry. The chemo is actually doing what it's supposed to do so that was great news and from there it was sheer craziness!

We ran to pick up Dayton from school, stopped at the grocery store on the way home and I will spare the dramatic details of that adventure as I am still somewhat traumatized and trying to laugh it off! We didn't end up having time to pick up my meds as I had promised the kids a toy at BK.

Homeward bound I started dinner and during the course of this event that I am

A) No Good At
B) Do Not Enjoy

I had a rather difficult time not making a mess but I wanted to badly to do a nice thing for my Mom and Mike. Here is what the children did during my plight;

1) Ellie managed to clog one of the toilets. There was toilet water everywhere! So while Jazzy may not know where the Vatican is located he sure does know when to jump in and save the day! THANK YOU!
2) Dayton dropped the watermelon in the kitchen...CRACK. I didn't mind as he really had just offered to help me after seeing me huff/puff/struggle to carry the groceries inside. THANK YOU!
3) Ellie did a painful face plant from the exercise ball to the floor. Again, the poor dear has my complete lack of coordination at times. You could actually hear her face hit the carpet...ugh. I'M SORRY!
4) Dayton got a black eye from Ellie's foot while she was in flight moments before the face plant. They had done so well playing together and taking turns. Again, this was another audible experience we could have all done without! I'M SORRY!

Keep in mind that I was on the phone at periodic intervals trying to play catch up and be a good friend but having a hard time really listening and did I mention that Shell volunteered to cook? What was I thinking?!

Tomorrow I am of to Michelle's at her request to work remote. Between her recent heart surgery, chemo, bronchitis and steroid treatments I have NOTHING to complain about.

On the B Side: Perspective is a beautiful thing! Even though I suck at cooking I do enjoy the challenge and mostly I enjoy the satisfaction that comes at hosting loved ones in our home! Happy belated birthday to my Mom and Mike! I promise that I will sleep well tonight.

PS Jazzy, thank you for also taking the garbage out! You're a life saver!!

Pieces of Peace

Yesterday was filed with way too many tears for me. The remedy? Tivo-ing through American Idol with the kids when they got home. They get so excited and mostly don't even listen to the actual songs sung. It's more just seeing the contestants and being together on the couch.

Dayton was busy eating popcorn. If that boy could live on butter alone he totally would! He loves to take a piece and find an image in it. Phrases like "this one is a guy sitting on a chair" and "this one is an octopus with only two legs" are often heard as he carefully studies each piece! He also learned last night that you can take the popcorn and vigorously slide it around the bottom of the bowl for some added buttery taste!

Ellie on the other hand is content to quietly snuggle and comment sporadically about what's on the screen. Last night's most noticable commentary was 'Syesha is getting unbrown Mom'. I think this may have had to do with the fact that Syesha had hair extentions in rather than her signature fro (that works really well for her). She always giggles when Jason Castro is on and loves to remind us that David Archeletta is from Utah. Also humorous was her assessment of Brooke's outfit last night...Elle's did'nt like it!

On the B Side: It's always interesting to me how the simple day to day activities can bring comfort. I couldn't have told you what I needed last night or what would help make me feel better but without even knowing that my heart was aching the children were just sweet and seemed to heal the hurt without even knowing it. Children are so beautiful that way and I consider myself extremely blessed. Thank goodness Heavenly Father knows our needs better than us!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Everyone Was Kung Fu Fighting

Holy moly! Little Adalie has been one fiesty little girl these past 2-3 days. I'm not talking about stretching, swimming or any type of soft fluid movement. No, rolling, no tumbling nor gymnastics. I am talking about the wild chid that dwells within my tummy and kick boxes around the clock! Yes, her disposition is already one with a strong will that does not tolerate monkey business or kindly comply to others. Almost as if on command she will let me know when a position is NOT comfortable for her at which point it becomes a pummel fest.

You know when you have had the hiccups for a long time and your diaphragm starts to hurt and you get a stomach ache? Imagine that to the 10th power and with little interuption. It is still strange to me to be sitting perfectly still but have something moving around inside of you.

I love that she is so active but I really do wonder when she sleeps as any patterns that she had established were completely disregarded this weekend. I would much prefer her activity to days without movement and the uncertainty that comes with that; however, this Momma needs a break!

Thursday will mark 7 months for us and puts us squarely at 28 weeks, which will be refreshing especially since the contractions are still way more pronounced and frequent than they should be.

On the B Side: Despite my complaints I do so enjoy the experience of Motherhood from each karate kick to each late night 'but Mom I'm really hungry' and even to each 'will you please come wipe me?'!

PS I could not resist this rather random and somewhat astonishing pic!