Sunday, August 31, 2008

Did You Just Say That? Really? Out Loud? Really Loud?

I had to pick up Adi's prescription at Target this weekend. Ellie came with me and I set the expectation that we were ONLY getting the medication. Ellie strategically proceeded to vie for cute clothes. Keep in mind that SHE'S FOUR! She had an entire argument (that is not new) about how she needed them to be cute to which I explained (again) that things do not make us cute; that we do not need clothes or jewelry in order to be cute. Very loudly in a serious tone of agitation she says;


That goes over real big in public. Ugh.

On the B Side: I love the cute naked guts out of that girl!!

Pocketful of Moonshine...Um...I mean Sunshine!

Things like this make everything better. Very special thanks to Auntie Loori (oh and Cheesus)!

On the B Side: I heart special people!

Don't Call it a Come Back cause' I've Been Here for Years

I feel like a crumpled up piece of paper weighted by cement. Weird, right?

On the B Side: While my lupus has brought me to my knees and had me by the throat (but really just curled up in the fetal position trying to be a Mom & not make my illness obvious). I have been so lucky to have the love and quiet support of so many. I am determined to push forward. Thank you for helping me to do so...