Friday, November 16, 2007

And These Are the Days of Our Lives...

On the B Side: I am grateful for my amazing children and the moments we share! Each second that passes is one that we cannot get back. I love, love, love passing them with those I love most. My moonbeams are such a tremendous source of joy!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Brain Tumor for Breakfast

Yes, this is a reference to "Heathers". I threw it in for you, Cinderbutt!

My poor little DD Cakes has been having chronic ear infections, headaches and spontaneous nose bleeds. Needless to say I have been more than just a little freaked, especially considering he was recently in the ER for difficulties breathing. I will admit that the very idea of anything wrong with him...especially in his heads send me spiraling in my mind. Just say no to brain tumors!

He did a chest scan at onepoint; however, there was a visible mass of sorts that they passed off as his adnoids. My issue was that his adnoids were removed when he was 2. Regardless, my brave little boy went to see the ENT again. Dr. Tagge did a great job with his tubes/tonsil & adnoidectomy so I was relieved to see him again.

D's ears were perfect! The Doc did order a Cat Scan and we were relieved to learn that he has a maxillary sinus infection. There were no visible masses/lesions which was wonderful news! So my buddy doesn't need tubes, any thoughts of a tumor is out and he is merely being tested for allergies instead.

Dayton was so dang brave during the Cat Scan! I was in a slight panic because the Tech was less than personable, I couldn't be in the room nor was there a window and because I had no idea what to expect and hence could not properly set his expectations.

It was fast and painless and I still marvel at his courage in such an uncertain situation! He has also been a great patient taking his antibiotics over the past few weeks and has proven diligent with his nasel spray! He really is such a great little guy and makes me one proud Mom!

On the B Side: I am so grateful for health insurance. I know that know all are so lucky and I don't know where we would be without this blessing.