Saturday, January 5, 2008


Tu es ou?! Monsieur Gap t'appelle et comme il est beau!! J'espere tout va bien. Tu doit m'ecrire maintenant! Tu me manque beaucoup :(


On the B Side: I am grateful for my dear friend France! She is darling and always makes me smile! I am blessed to have someone such as her in my life. xoxo

Friday, January 4, 2008

Reader Rabbit

At school Dayton carefully is learning how to read. He's been so excited! He's able to sound out letters and words and is constantly asking me questions about words and signs that he sees. He is so motivated and loves to learn. I love quietly watching him as his mind marvels and as he gains a more meaningful understanding of the world around him. He's our little Reader Rabbit!

Although nothing compares to the 'Twlight' series this Momma, has been busy reading at home again. 'Strangling Your Husband is NOT an Option' (the title of this one is deceiving!) and also 'Remembering Wholeness' are keeping me occupied in the few moments I can steal away. Both were Christmas gifts from friends and both have been great reads to this point! More to come later...

On the B Side: I am grateful for the powerful minds that we have been given! I love reading and I love watching my children develop this intellect and seeing their great desire to learn!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

10 Weeks Strong

Both Mom and baby have strong heart beats to boot! We got to listen to the little one's heart again yesterday and all is well! The little one is now 2.5 inches in length which seems like quite a growth spurt after last week's raspberry analogy! Eye lids and finger nails are now formed and swimming is well under way! It truly is a miraculous process!

If it is a boy we are thinking about naming him Jacob and if it is a girl we are thinking of Kathryn and calling her Kate. This is all subject to change of course given the 30 weeks that remain until our big day!

On a humorous note, today I was taking Tylenol for a headache and Kayla asked if it was because the baby jumped inside my head!!

On the B Side: I am grateful to Dr. Neilson for his expertise and calming disposition during this exciting time in our lives. This is baby #3 for me with him and I'm thankful to have a doctor that I love and trust.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Silly Packers!

During a stressful time of packing and unpacking I found this box and was reminded of everything wonderful! Not to worry, we were good with their toys!

They both also went and wrote "Fragile" on every single box!

On the B Side: I am grateful of my amazing little children, the best Packers ever!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

We Like to Move It, Move It!

I wrote this in the midst of packing up our home the week before Christmas;

"Twas mere days before Christmas and all thru the house
Our things were packed in boxes and ready to move out
The children eyes wide with wonder trying to understand
‘How could this be?’ and ‘Why now?’ they innocently demand.
There are no good answers other than we’re doing what’s right
Despite our trials He has promised to make our burdens light
Sometimes we must give up something we love with our heart
We know that more blessings Heavenly Father will impart
We’ll always be together and that’s never to be taken lightly
The password is courage and hope is shining brightly."

Quite luckily the children although they do not understand are far more resilient than myself. They have been excited as there is a train nearby and the fact that they deem it the Polar Express makes their hearts leap with excitement!

On the B Side: I am grateful that our family is together and I have continually emphasized that no matter where we go or what we do that we are always a familiy and will always be together! xoxo bv