Thursday, February 19, 2009


He drew a circle that shut me out
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout
But love and I had the will to win

We drew a circle and drew him in.

by Edwin Markham

On the B Side: Ask me how much I love this quote. Ask me how strongly I feel about it. The words express such a contrast between warmth, kindness, inclusion, strength, understanding and acceptance to words such as apathy, cruelty, exclusion, unawareness and judgement.

There are times in my life when these words come to my mind. Some times it comes in the form of a gentle reminder and other times it comes in the form of a quiet heart ache. Either way I do so love them. xoxo

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Soap Box

Mood: Disenchanted

Item #1
According to the Fox National News channel, in 2004 it cost $57,000 an hour for Air Force One to be used by the President. Um, Obama was in Arizona this week. That's 10 hours with the head wind and the Senators are still wondering what the trip was all about. The math is easy here folks. That's $570,000 in 2004 terms.

What I don't understand is why and how things kind of thing happens during a time when we are all forced to tighten our belts. Even if those stats were way off and the cost was just half of what was quoted, would it still be justifiable? In my mind the answer is clear.

While it is very plausible that I do not have all of the pieces of information, I still do not feel good about these things. I am neither pro or anti Obama. I wish him well and do not envy him as he is up against some very challenging decisions and circumstances. More than anything I want to see him lead by example and I realize that there are no easy fixes for the mess we are all in.

Item #2
All Sharpton is an opportunist. He needs to go away. Does he not have anything else to worry about in this life then analyzing and being offended about a caraicature? I refuse to listen to Keith Olbermann tonight because of this simpleton.

Item #3
Can someone please explain this to me? America is a great ethnic melting pot. Wasn't that the idea behind our country? So we're all the same. Makes sense. Sounds good. Warm and fuzzy. We should all be treated the same. Equality. Yay.

If we talk about differences we are racist or deemed some kind of negative offensive person. Yet so many people want to emphasize whatever it is that makes them different and then scream that we're all the same. I don't get it.

I am not articulating this well but this brain storm came from the new Attorney General Eric Holder. Did you really call the American people a nation of racist cowards? Hey Eric, we've been told to embrace people regardless of race and now you want to talk about it, make an issue of it and point out the differences? Why emphasize the divisions? Guess what... we don't have a white history month. I'm okay with that. There are no scholarships for being a whitey either and I'm okay with that, too.

While I have never walked in the shoes of a black man, I do find Eric's commentary insulting. We do talk about race and we have come a long way. It was inappropriate, pal. We live in a great country. We have an African American President and Attorney General. Can we look at these things? I don't view either of these men as black but as people, as patriots and as contributing members of our society in this country.

Item #4
The housing market. Who really is responsible? The hapless Joe Shmoe on the block or the mortgage companies that took advantage and offered money that should have never been given? My beef is that the whole bailout is going to help people who took credit that was never theirs to take. Again, who is to fault? What upsets me is what about those of us who pay our mortgage? What about those of us who work hard and make sacrifices and ensure that our mortgage is paid?

Interestingly enough we own a home in WJ. It's a beautiful home with 5 bedrooms, 3 full bath, a theatre and a large fenced in yard. Due to the location, we sold it. Turns out the fellow was mucho dishonest and we ended up reposessing it when things got messy. The Attorney General's Office was involved and it was just a long icky story.

We live in a 912 square foot apartment now. Yes, all 6 of us. Now is not the time to try to sell a home so we rent it out. These are choices that we have made. We're doing the best we can to make it all work. We struggle but we pay less for our apartment than we would pay living in our home. Keep in mind that we are fortunate enough to have two incomes. We don't live a lush or luxurious life style, we don't vacation and have sold most of what we own that we could for the sake of downsizing and making it all work. I do not feel bad about these things nor play the victim. Again, we made these choices and feel good about them.

My question is, do we get a break? I'm guessing not but at least the Uncle Sam won't be able to screw us by not paying our refund this year. Let's hope that is not your lot. Turns out that we will end up owing this year. Whaaaaa?

Item #5
Casey Anthony, you continue to make bad choices. I do not feel sorry for you. I do not know what happened to your child and it is not my place to judge you and for this I am thankful. Regardless of your role in all of this, I have no idea how you live with yourself.

Item #6
If you are a grown up, be one. Act like one. You are responsible and blaming others never solved anything. Amen.

Item #7
I hate feeling disconnected. Right now I feel disconnected and negative...sorry.

On the B Side: I've stayed away from my blog for a reason! If I was creative and talented I would pull a poem like Clancy! Michelle, my Subway darling, you brought this one on and I wish I could say it felt good to get it all out! xoxo