Friday, January 22, 2010

Humble Beginnings

Everyone has to start somewhere. The gym and I reconciled our differences in November 2009. We'd broken up since I broke my foot in February 2005. Yeah, remember that one time I was walking. and fell. and it hurt. real bad? Um, I ended up having a bone extracted from my foot and a tendon reattached in May of that year. If walking made my life that crazy, there was no way this clumsy white girl was going to hit the gym. I'm far too pragmatic for that, people.

That's one lame saucy cop out and I realize this. The weight has continued to creep up and all the while I am becoming more and more unhealthy. Going back to the gym as added so much quality to my life and I mean that. I love the feeling of taking control of my life, making progress and knowing that my weight is going down while my health increases. The 'me' time is invaluable and I am enamoured with the people watching!

At first it was more toyful and less fruitful. Somewhere in my mind I justified that I-can-eat-whatever-I-want-because-I-am-working-out. That defeated the entire purpose and was an exercise in sheer retardation. Yup, you are welcome. I just made you all look better on so many levels. What I got out of that was a newly created love for the gym. It became an outlet and constituted down time for this girl...who never truly loved the gym.

In January I got more serious about the whole ordeal and it feels AMAZING! There is nothing more exciting for me then feeling the burn that lingers after my time at the gym except for perhaps the sore achy goodness that comes the next day. It's almost a rush and I crave it. I'm slowly losing about 2 pounds a week now and as weak as that is, it's progress and more than enough incentive for me to continue to push forward!

I'd like to thank the following individuals for the additional motivation that they have provided;

  • The lady at the gym who wears a white t shirt but sweats brown. Maybe you should wash your body...or just drink more water. Maybe both. Whatever you got going on is nasty but you keep at it any way! That's determination, baby and you're a strong example!
  • The dude who puts his hair in a bun and has a necklace tattooed around his neck. You probably just need a hair cut (might want to wash that shiz once in a while) and I'm sure you know by now that you could have just bought a new necklace periodically rather then sporting that out dated permanent one you got going on. Apparently you just don't care and thank you for helping me to realize, it just doesn't matter!
  • The group of little old man that are religious in their dedication and have made gyming a social event despite the fact that none of them break a sweat and likely aren't losing an ounce. You go get 'em tigers! From you I have learned that working out can be fun whether it be because I have my fav buddy in tow or just because I get to watch you!
  • The middle aged chubby fellow who leaves sweaty bum prints on the equipment. While I strongly disapprove of your actions, I realize that it isn't something you want to do and frankly I don't think you have a clue that it's happening. Let's face it, sweating is just gross but it's part of the price that must be paid. You are willing to pay that price. Oh quelle sacrifice! While I will never leave my swass around, thank you for making me feel better about my own glistening!

On the B Side: This list of appreciation could go on for quite some time but I'll save my banter for another post. For now it suffices me to say that I really am in love. It's a very humble beginning. I get to people watch and in the process I really am learning to be more comfortable with myself. It's win-win across the board and I am a very addicted girl who can't wait to drop another 36 pounds!