Friday, May 2, 2008

Just Say No to Poop and Stuff

Not sure how it works in the homes of others (but I'd be happy to hear about it!) but it has been my experience that Dad's typically serve as the 'cool parent'. Yes, Father's seem to be the fun, enjoyable, laughter bearing parent and frankly I think it sucks slightly BUT I did snicker today when Mark told me the following story as it made me feel slightly vindicated!

Mark picked up Kayla and stopped to look at another home on the way home. While they were being shown the home Kayla (who doesn't usually talk to strangers at all) says to the man showing the home, "My Daddy makes me say bad things. Britta is smart"

I snickered my cute litle pregnant head off when Mark relayed this story as he's always the one talking about poop and things of such nature. Needless to say he was thoroughly embarrassed and rightfully so! He's always trying to get Kayla to say something of that nature and I've been trying to help her see past his teasing and make good choices despite his silly promptings. Today was pay day!!!!

On the B Side: I love when kids cross into that zone and are able to think for themselves! I also love feeling like I am doing some good despite the fact that I sometimes merely feel like the cook, the chauffeur, the maid and the babysitter rather than 'the cool parent'.

3 shout outs:

Kristin said...

I can totally relate. Today was a weird day for Noah and me. It had lots of potential, but just when I was ready to take him to have fun he'd freak out. He ended up taking two naps... HIGHLY unusual. I was SO looking forward to Brett coming home and taking over, but I was a bit jealous of how easy it was for him to get Noah smiling again.

Clancy in Idaho said...

Funny... I'm more the cool one in our house. The kids ususally want me for it all. It frustrates me that they rarely give me a break and want someone else... like daddy! (they do love to play with him and stuff... not saying that... just they always prefer me to do everything! Except play poison tag or soccer... that's Dad's arena!)

Funny how perspectives can be so different! I love the title of this post! Say no to poop and stuff! lol!

shell said...

britta you are the cool parent!