Saturday, May 3, 2008

On Our Best Behavior

Today Ellie had a birthday party for her favorite friend Hannah at Build-A-Bear. Hannah has an older brother Logan who is in Dayton's class so both kids went and it worked out really well.

The kids were super well behaved, polite and pleasant! They listened well and got along with the other kids. You just never know what you'll get so needless to say I was pleased as punch (whatever that means)! They each made a bear and had a lot of fun in the process.

The real pay off was the friends I made! Nicole is another little girl in Ellie's class who was at the party. She will be in Ellie's Kindergarten class in the Fall. Her Mom Vanessa is from Brazil and gave me her card so we can set up some play dates!

After talking with Hannah's Mom I was excited to learn that she also has a mine-yours-and-ours situation. While I know there's a lot of divorcees out there it was refreshing to talk to someone in a similar circumstance. Logan and Hannah are from her first marraige, she has a step daughter and a son from her second marriage. We chatted and are also going to try to set up some play dates which will benefit both Dayton AND Ellie. Double Score!

Let's face it, I was the real winner today! I love people, I love meeting people and I LOVE making new friends. With the kids there's an added incentive and makes it all the more satisfying!

On the B Side: I love watching the kids interact in various situations to see how they socialize and behave. I really was proud in a simplistic way to see them do so well! I also am so excited that I met some new people and made some new friends that will benefit all of us!

2 shout outs:

Clancy in Idaho said...

Nice! Love making new friends! Love having well behaved children! Love YOU!


Kristin said...

There's nothing like having a friend in your situation... someone who gets it without needing it to be explained... someone who you can just exchange a look and know exactly what your feeling. Yay for new friends, both for you and the kids. And yay for well behaved children. Congratulations on a wonderful party in so many ways! :)

~Loving you more and more!