Monday, April 28, 2008

Everyone Was Kung Fu Fighting

Holy moly! Little Adalie has been one fiesty little girl these past 2-3 days. I'm not talking about stretching, swimming or any type of soft fluid movement. No, rolling, no tumbling nor gymnastics. I am talking about the wild chid that dwells within my tummy and kick boxes around the clock! Yes, her disposition is already one with a strong will that does not tolerate monkey business or kindly comply to others. Almost as if on command she will let me know when a position is NOT comfortable for her at which point it becomes a pummel fest.

You know when you have had the hiccups for a long time and your diaphragm starts to hurt and you get a stomach ache? Imagine that to the 10th power and with little interuption. It is still strange to me to be sitting perfectly still but have something moving around inside of you.

I love that she is so active but I really do wonder when she sleeps as any patterns that she had established were completely disregarded this weekend. I would much prefer her activity to days without movement and the uncertainty that comes with that; however, this Momma needs a break!

Thursday will mark 7 months for us and puts us squarely at 28 weeks, which will be refreshing especially since the contractions are still way more pronounced and frequent than they should be.

On the B Side: Despite my complaints I do so enjoy the experience of Motherhood from each karate kick to each late night 'but Mom I'm really hungry' and even to each 'will you please come wipe me?'!

PS I could not resist this rather random and somewhat astonishing pic!

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shell said...

isn't it so fun to have "Official Butt Wiper" in your mom resume?


shell said...

oh my gosh its fate

we were both leaving comments to each other at the same time.

I'll totally give you a blog mascot on the house.

this is for all the times I ate food at your house and pigged out like a bad babysitter.

Clancy in Idaho said...

LOL! Britta you are so cute! I'm sorry little Adalie is ALREADY giving you a run for you money! She's going to be a little fighter, eh? I can't wait to meet her! (well.. I can, actually, so don't take that too literally... let's get to at LEAST 35 weeks, ok?)

I'm sorry about this weekend too... it ended up being so crazy! And then the whole scratching my eyeball thing... what a goofball! I told my chiropractor that I gouged my cornea with my mascara brush and he laughed and said, "You might not want to tell that to too many people!"
I am happy to report that I refrained from punching him.

Love you!

Clancy in Idaho said...

K, Britt... what the heck is the Bishop Higgins blog? I was just reading it and it's kinda funny but kinda weird! Who is that and is he really a bishop?



Britta said...

Bishop Higgins is just a funny blog. I don't know who manages it but I'm sure it's not real. My friend Michelle found it and it has given us some serious giggles! So if you take it at face value it's a pretty harmless and rather hilarious peek into LDS living!

Teh Andrew said...

Howdy there. Congrats on the 7 months! Only 2 months left...Holly's at about 7, too. Did you do that La Maz class or whatever? I'm kind of wondering what to expect... :S