Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Disaster 101?

I am no Donna Reed. I do not aspire to be Julia Childs. I have no need to seek out any of Martha's tips and whoever that Rachel chick is on tv that does all of the cooking can freakin' keep it!

Tonight we had planned on a birthday dinner for my Mom and Step Dad. Ellie ended up home with me due to a low grade fever. She perked up throughout the day and required attention that made it difficult to get work done. Michelle called and we had a good cry. The chemo is actually doing what it's supposed to do so that was great news and from there it was sheer craziness!

We ran to pick up Dayton from school, stopped at the grocery store on the way home and I will spare the dramatic details of that adventure as I am still somewhat traumatized and trying to laugh it off! We didn't end up having time to pick up my meds as I had promised the kids a toy at BK.

Homeward bound I started dinner and during the course of this event that I am

A) No Good At
B) Do Not Enjoy

I had a rather difficult time not making a mess but I wanted to badly to do a nice thing for my Mom and Mike. Here is what the children did during my plight;

1) Ellie managed to clog one of the toilets. There was toilet water everywhere! So while Jazzy may not know where the Vatican is located he sure does know when to jump in and save the day! THANK YOU!
2) Dayton dropped the watermelon in the kitchen...CRACK. I didn't mind as he really had just offered to help me after seeing me huff/puff/struggle to carry the groceries inside. THANK YOU!
3) Ellie did a painful face plant from the exercise ball to the floor. Again, the poor dear has my complete lack of coordination at times. You could actually hear her face hit the carpet...ugh. I'M SORRY!
4) Dayton got a black eye from Ellie's foot while she was in flight moments before the face plant. They had done so well playing together and taking turns. Again, this was another audible experience we could have all done without! I'M SORRY!

Keep in mind that I was on the phone at periodic intervals trying to play catch up and be a good friend but having a hard time really listening and did I mention that Shell volunteered to cook? What was I thinking?!

Tomorrow I am of to Michelle's at her request to work remote. Between her recent heart surgery, chemo, bronchitis and steroid treatments I have NOTHING to complain about.

On the B Side: Perspective is a beautiful thing! Even though I suck at cooking I do enjoy the challenge and mostly I enjoy the satisfaction that comes at hosting loved ones in our home! Happy belated birthday to my Mom and Mike! I promise that I will sleep well tonight.

PS Jazzy, thank you for also taking the garbage out! You're a life saver!!

4 shout outs:

Kristin said...

Wow! You're amazing! You make my life sound like a cake-walk. Sounds like chaos, but you have a good attitude, which I know can be hard to maintain. Keep up the good work! Perspective is a wonderful thing, but often must be earned the hard way. Ugh! I think it's amazing you're online after all that. Sleep well and hopefully we'll chat tomorrow.

Luv ya',

Fiagle Family said...

Dont you just love those days...It makes the other ones seem so much better.
PS Im with you on the cooking thing. Jeremy hates it..but then cant complain if anything does get cooked thats not a salad or protein shake!

Clancy in Idaho said...

You are the coolest! I love you! I was laughing throughout this description of your wild adventures! I'm sure your mom appreciated this effort on your part!

Keep on rockin' baby!

Krystal said...

I think cooking chicken nuggets and corn is a talent that you and I share soul sista!!!