Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pioneer Day Baby!

I saw Dr. N this week and our due date was bumped up a little to 7/24. We are in the 20th week which means we are now officially more than half way! The baby is approximately 10 inches in length and weighs around 10 ounces. Baby can now practice breathing and has fully developed ears that are very capable of enjoying sound.

We do know that the baby's birthstone will be a Ruby signifying contentment and she will be a little Leo. I've tried to convince Mark of the name Ruby because I think it's darling but he won't budge. This little girl will start Kindergarten in 2013, drive a care in 2024 and graduate from College in 2030. Wow, does that make me feel older than dirt!!!

Now that she seems to have mastered swimming it appears that she is onto Karate! The kids still have not been able to feel her simply because we haven't caught the right moment. Baby girl gets lots of hugs and kisses and is always remembered in our prayers.

On the B Side: The whole process never ceases to amaze me. I can scarcely comprehend the miracle that is taking place inside my body and am super excited to a part of it.

3 shout outs:

Clancy Passey said...

A little Leo!!! Yay! I love Leos, but I am a little partial...
That is pretty trippy that she will drive a car in 2024!!! Very weird.
I love your posts! But not nearly as much as I love YOU!!!!

Shellie said...

I'm a sagitarius and I get along super with Leo's. I love Ruby. Too cute! Way Cute! Love it. Totally Ferosh!

Clancy Passey said...

Just thought I'd say that Mac's due date was July 24th too. But, alas... he came on the full moon (like my other babies) on July 15th! :)