Friday, March 14, 2008

The Name Game

While I like the names that we have been able to agree upon for our little girl I am not convinced that we have found 'the one'. To date it is between Josie and Kate.

As I have been thinking about it and searching on line I have sound some others that I love.

Adah (AY dah) - In Hebrew this means 'a beautiful addition'. In the Old Testament, Adah was borne by the wives of Lamech and Esau. Hers is the second woman's name to appear in the Bible, after Eve. I LOVE this name!

Adalie - This is a French name of origin meaning of nobility; noble. I think this is a pretty and very feminine name! It's different without being totally bizarre. We could call her Addie for short.

Charlotte - Also French name of origin. It is the feminine version of Charles and means tiny and feminine. I would love to call her 'Charlie'!

Ruby - This is an English name and has risen in popularity in England in recent years. The origin is Latin and the meaning is red. this names reminds me of a striking obituary I saw years ago here in SLC. Check this out. Maybe this isn't as cute as I thought.

Jane - This is also Hebrew in origin and means God is gracious. I would love to call her Janey but worry that it's too plain. Plain Jane. Jane Stott. I think I just crossed this off of the list.

Colette - This is considered French and/or Greek in origin. Its meaning is victory of the people and reminds me of Les Mis (love it!). It's simple and pretty again without being bizarro. It would be difficult to shorten or come up with a nick name. I think this just fell off of the list as well.

Violet - Also French in origin meaning purple or blue flower. While the meaning seems weak I do love flowers and think this is a beautiful name. Don't you think this would be cute for a little girl?

So there you have it! Based on this information I'm eager to hear the thoughts of others! Hit me...

On the B Side: Today I watched Juno in the theater and was struck all over again about the magnificence of Motherhood! I love this process and look forward to holding that little one in my arms regardless of what we end up naming her!

6 shout outs:

Shellie said...

I love Colette and Cozette. I think Coco would be so cute for a nickname. I like Charlotte too with nickname Charlie. Actually all of them are great. Stott is such a great last name with all of them.

Fiagle Family said...

I like josie untill some told me ."grossy josie" just to keep it in mind! Sorry Im a slacker! Its been so hard lately to keep on top of life let alone my blog! I did take some pics if only my computer will not take five years to upload!

Clancy Passey said...

Love 'em all... If we ever had another girl I was thinking of Ada myself... spelled different of course. So.. I don't vote for that one! :) Just kiddin... I'm not pregnant so I have no claim! Even if I was, wouldn't that be fun to have two of them! Heck, we've got Ella and Ellie! ;)
Love your guts...

Allison & Crew said...

I love Charlotte and Ruby! You picked out great names Mommy :)

Amanda said...

I like Adah. What a great meaning. It would be perfect for your wonderful, growing, blended family. :) Amanda

Cliff and Cynthia: at home, at work, at play said...

Ohhhh you make it hard to choose because those are all great! I have to say that I love the meaning of Adah. Beautiful name too. Are you going to have a middle name also? I like the ring of Adalie Stott. I'm with you--just let me hold and love her!