Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Too Late to Apologize

This is absolutely abhorrent. The woman was charged and arrested for Child Abuse. I saw an interview that she did and could not bring myself to post that part of this story as it is truly disturbing and repugnant at best. The Mother contends that she is a great Mother, that it was not abuse and that she was merely disciplining her child. There is no remorse, no apology...only her subjective and completely warped justification of her actions.

She did admit that if she KNEW that she was being recorded she would not have done it. That SCREAMS that she KNOWS she is wrong but again no admission of guilt or wrong doing only a completely unimaginable absolution of any wrong doing in her own twisted mind. So um back to one of my recent posts about personal accountability...

I was beyond sick to my stomach and that may very well be because I'm certain that was where my heart was watching this. The part of the clip that is not shown here is this 'Mother' stripping her child of her clothes and spraying her down naked because she had soiled herself. Keep in mind that the child is 2.5 years old. Regardless of the child's age, no living being should ever be treated this way under any circumstance. End of story.

This Mother's actions do not constitute parenting. Not only was what she did cruel and abusive but her categorical denial of any wrong doing is astonishing in the worst way. She clearly demonstrates that anyone can bear children but that does NOT make them a parent. I realize that anyone can make mistakes and I believe firmly in the power and necessity of forgiveness. I have compassion for others and truly seek the good in them. All of this being said, this little child deserves so much more in life.

On the B Side: I am relieved that there are people who realize the obvious mistreatment of others, speak up and take action against such horrific treatment of precious little ones. My heart goes out to those on this earth forced to live in any situation involving abuse and I hope that as individuals are we are perceptive enough to recognize any instances where this may be occurring and brave enough to do the right thing for the right reason.

3 shout outs:

Clancy Passey said...

yucky yucky! Your video you posted said it was no longer available, but I went to YouTube and looked it up. What a horrible thing to do to a BABY! I know people think that two and a half is pretty big, but they are still babies! Poor thing... :(

Allison & Crew said...

very sad to see kind of people are parents in this world.

amanda said...

I read the blog but couldn't bring myself to watch the video. I'm working for DCFS so I hear about these horrors daily. Tough job but I love the kids I get to work with, the parents they are a whole other story.