Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lucky 21

Today marks 21 weeks for us! Eye lashes and eye brows are now part of our little ones pretty face! I'm hoping somehow she'll pull off those long eye lashes that Ellie inherited but we still don't know where she got those so who knows! Baby girl is 11 inches and likely weighs almost three quarters of a pound.

To date I have only gained 5 pounds which is 10 pounds less than where I should be but because my weight was already up before I got pregnant Doc says we're cool. My feet swelled for the first time yesterday which seems really early especially given that it isn't hot outside. I had my first contraction (braxton hicks) on Monday at the Doc's office.

Next year at this time baby will be 8 months old! DD just stumbled out of his room. Cuddle time!

On the B Side: I am really glad that we've made it this far with the pregnancy and haven't had any problems...except all the tears!!! Now I'm grateful that I get to snuggle up with my favorite little man!!

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