Friday, April 25, 2008

Quick Run Down

Happy Birthday to my Mom! I won't go into any numbers as it suffices me to stipulate she is older than dirt and also sick as a dog today :( Feel better soon!

Dayton had his sleep test last night. His Dad stayed with him overnight and apparently it went really well. This morning he gave me the details of about all of the little round stickers that they put on his head, face, tummy, arms and legs. I'm anxious to hear more and even more anxious to get the results.

My Michelle has surgery on her heart today so needless to say I have been a little anxious about that and left her a VM early this AM. She starts chemo again on Monday and remains hopeful about her future.

Marky and Jazzy went to the Jazz game last night together and Marky did notice my hair when he got home and was rather insulted that I speculated it would take him 3 days to notice!

I was really excited as while we were at the pool this week I bumped into an old roommate from USU! What are the chances?! I love this kind of stuff! I about choked when we figured out it was TEN YEARS AGO! This also reminded me that I left for my mish ten years ago. It was really fun to see Lori, learn that she married her missionary and meet her 3 children and niece!

Clanc and fam are coming down tonight so hopefully we can get together with Lori. Mostly I'm excited to see Clancy and Dust!

I'm not feeling so well today but forced myself to come into the office. The kids are gone this weekend so it will give me plenty of time to relax. We're still home hunting and are looking forward to the sale of of WJ home that is scheduled to close shortly.

My boss flew back to Cali yesterday which makes things feel less tense or something as I push forward with my latest project! It did snow here yesterday which was odd as today it's much more spring-esque with no indication it even snowed! With a little bit of luck and maybe a late afternoon nap I may make it out to a movie tonight!

On the B Side: I love having a blog to be able to document life's random happenings today so I can look back and remember tomorrow!

PS - I found my keys in the garbage! Thank you Marky!

5 shout outs:

Clancy in Idaho said...

LOL!!! You found your keys in the garbage!!! That is definitely one for the books!

Love you, chicky!

shell said...

that made me laugh too that you found your keys in the garbage. I love blogging about things too. and I'm glad you are into it to as I love checking your blog since you update it so much :)

The Lingwalls said...
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The Lingwalls said...
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Teh Andrew said...

Hey kid! Sorry it's been so long since I've commented on your'n blog. They have me on a semi-large project at work all by my lonesome and it's been BUSY!!! I just finished the new baby boy's blog site for my family and friends if you wanna take a look. it's and there's a link in my blog. We're gonna put up some pictures and document his growth and whatnot for those in AR-kansas. Anywho, sorry again, I'll keep in touch more often!

P.S. Nothin' like the boss being gone to make things less tense...