Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a nice relaxing weekend together as a family! The kids did a great job helping out and played well together. Dayton is feeling much better and seems almost fully recovered with the exception of a few sniffles.

Poor Ellie bumped her noise on the fireplace Friday night and has had a little swollen and bruised nose. Her tears dried quickly and I had hoped that the ice would keep the swelling down. She doesn't seemed bothered by it but I'll feel better when the bruises fade.

After some cabin fever on Saturday the kids and I went out and about. We got to see Rubin and the Grateful on Saturday and they have made themselves quite comfortable at my Mom's. We also went to a park in Sandy and the kids were able to burn some energy. The sun was out and it was a nice change of pace.

All in all we were able to complete the following;

-Cleaned the bathrooms
-Put fresh linens on all of the beds (blankets included)
-Completed all of the laundry (including put it away!)
-Vacuumed the upstairs and swept/cleaned the tiled areas
-Ran the dishwasher way too many times
-Made a serious drop off at the DI
-Cleaned and organized the Master bedroom
-Began organizing our storage room downstairs

The kids were a big help with all of these tasks! Usually they get bored about 10 minutes into it but keeping 6 little hands busy for 10 minutes still gives me 1) a good head start 2) keeps them out of trouble and 3) helps build the concepts of team work and accomplishment!

Our Friday night slumber party was graced by "Snow Buddies". The kids didn't love it as much as I thought they would but I managed to cry 3 different times. Keeping them all busy, fed and out of trouble is as much work as ever. The girls are big on imaginary play and coloring while Dayton is more geared towards games. He loves computer games, board games and card games. Either way 3 is an odd number and requires me more often than not to be the extra playmate. I don't mind ;)

My Mom stopped by on both Saturday and Sunday and the kids also got to see Jazzy and Micci several times. The kids were invited to be a part of their wedding. This will be the third wedding for Dayton and Ellie. Mostly we just had fun being together as a family especially after a long week!

On the B Side: I love time like this that is free from drama! I also love it when the kids are all in bed and asleep by 8:10 PM! How you like me now?!

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