Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Apple Does Not Have a Stem!

That's right folks, it's official. Ladies and 'Gendermen'...IT'S A GIRL!

Mark picked me up and we were super excited. Everything looked really good from what the Radiologist could see today. The brain, heart and kidneys were as expected and there are no obvious abnormalities. The baby once again proved herself to be quite the mover and shaker! She was rolling around and apparently practicing her latest dance moves!

I drove to the kids school to share the news with them. Ellie was sitting with her friends eating lunch. I told her that I came to tell her something important and she knew right away why I was there. Her eyes lit up and she tried to maintain her giggles and listen attentively while I whispered in her ear that she was going to have a baby sister! She burst with giggles and shared the news with her friends while she carefully scooped up some more peas with her fork! I can still see the spaghetti stuck in her teeth as she grinned with pride!

I went back to tell Dayton and he thought it was time to go so I had to break the news and tell him that I was just there to tell him something important. He also knew instantly what the visit was about! His eyes were fixed on mine and I did my best not to sound broken hearted for him as I said, "You're going to have to teach your little sister to play basketball!" His reaction was far from what I expected. He dramatically threw his hand in the air and palmed his face while brimming with giggles! "Oh no!" he exclaimed amidst the excitement. He really was excited and I really was relieved! He kept his hand on his face and there was no shortage of giggles.

On the B Side: I am so glad to know ahead of time this time around!!! The planing and preparation will go a long way towards organization and more than anything it's just fun to include the children and feel their excitement!

6 shout outs:

Shellie said...

Congratulations times 1000! xoxo

Britta said...

Thanks chicky! I left you a VM this morning and hope all is well! MISS YOU!

Shellie said...

okay so I don't have your phone number stored in my phone. Well I do... but the last time I called it I talked to some Melissa girl. But then when you do call me it comes up "BV" but then when I call it back it calls Melissa. So something is messed up. Email me your number @ shellie.kendrick@gmail.com

Fiagle Family said...

I love your kids reactions! TOo cute. I'm so excited for you guys!

Britta said...

Amanda love, isn't it about time for you to travel down the baby road again?! surely your girls need a little brother!!! whoa...then we'd be even. 3 girls and one boy. sounds good, right? don't even tell me you don't love getting fat as much as i do!!!!

Krystal said...

Congrats!!!! Sometimes stinking like pink is ok. :)

Ok Britta- this is a LAME way for me to communicate with you, but...remember how we carried that heavy water up all those stairs and said we were going to be doing that together again later on when we were pregnant??? Well...if only we were neighbors. ;)