Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tag, I'm It?

While I do not normally indulge in this type of behavior I have made an exception in honor my darling Flash Dancer and also my Soul Sista/Comp that seriously stinks like Pink!!!!

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago I was in the MTC in Provo Utah training to be a full time missionary and learning French! It was undoubtedly the only time I will ever live on sacred ground in this life time and probably the only time I will ever be able to live on cereal alone...if you've been there you understand!

What were you doing 1 year ago?
One year ago we had just moved into our new home which we have subsequently moved out of due to Mortgage Fraud! It was gorgeous but I will admit that while I do miss the Ward I do NOT miss the commute or the dirty rats who were dishonest with us! Oh and we kind of miss being so close to the other Stott's! ;)

Five snacks you enjoy
1- Pez (my Dad is my supplier and I do not share!)
2- Cheese Fondue (Pear Berry, C'est vrai, non?)
3- Popcorn with real butter (it's all fat free if you lay in bed while eating it)
4- Italian Frozen Ice (this one is new with my pregnancy and keeps baby girl happy)
5- Yop (only found in Europe, sad but true and deliciouso!)

5 Things I would do if I was a millionaire
1- Set up trusts for my kids (my moonbeams future would be secure!)
2- Invest for the future (to make sure we have one would be cool)
3- Put my kids in private school (but keep them living at home, of course!)
4- Buy new house and have a designer completely redecorate (in my dreams!)
5- Travel around the world like there was no tomorrow (after we paid off debt!)

5 Bad Habits
1- I am a nail biter (guilty as charged, nasty I know)
2- I live in my jammies (always have, always will)
3- I am incredibly impatient (nothing to do w/ emotional IQ but thanks Dad!)
4- I prefer the Nittany Notes method in life (it's all about saving time!)
5- I shed like a dog (it's like I had a brain tumor for breakfast or something)

5 things you like doing?
1 - Being silly with the kids (Mom quit that monkey business and just drive says D)
2 - Reading (non-fiction only with the exception of the Twlight series...I'm pro Jacob!!)
3 - Taking a warm bath (Calgon take me away...oh and toss me my book!)
4 - Going to the spa (Sego Lily is my fav but I don't discriminate...or stay awake!)
5 - Talking on the phone (how many girls do you know had their own phone line in 3rd grade? I'm a lifer!)

5 things you would never wear again
1- Pegged pants (it was a middle school thing & luckily didn't last long)
2- Tapered pants (MC Hammer was never cool!)
3- Pleated pants (I swear Shell lives in gross!)
4- Cotton G's (they have much better alternatives, you know?!)
5- Thermal G's (these were only ever worn on my mish due to the extreme weather, surely Pear Berry's got my back on this one as well)

5 Favorite Toys
1- My laptops (hands off Marky Ba Farky!)
2- Swivel Sweeper (have you seen these babies in action?!)
3- My 'Genali' (do not mess with the mirrors, put your seat belt on and no eating!)
4- Tevo (another time saver that ranks with Nittany Notes in my book!)
5- My phone (it must always be ready to rumble) Amen.

On the B Side: I am grateful for my friends! I have some really amazing ones that seems to keep across distance and time!!! As one of my wise BFFE's once said, Friends are the Family You Choose!

6 shout outs:

Shellie said...

The only pleated pants are the ones I have ever worn is the ones your mom gave me cause she was sick of seeing you wear them. She paid me $100 every time I wore them.

Britta said...

My Mom still has the image of you racing out to the car with the towel on your head and then putting your make up on in the car on the way out to eat! Did she remember to pay you that night???

Fiagle Family said...

Even if we hate doing these things its always fun to get to know people better. I think you needed to add a pic of you in your pleated pants! Come on treasures of the 80s

Britta said...

80's nothing! I'm talking about last week, chicky ;)

I miss you online! Hurry up and post already!!!!


Clancy Passey said...

This post ROCKED! I got lots and lots of chuckles! :) Aren't you supposed to tag someone else? I don't know the tagging rules, but I've seen that on blogs.... just trying to figure all this out!
I definitely choose you my dear friend! ;)

Krystal said...

heehee! You're awesome Soul Sista!!!