Friday, February 22, 2008

The Band Aid Solution

Two days ago I had one of the most helpless and terrifying experiences as a parent. Dayton has had a fever (that is still going strong today) and had fallen asleep for about 2 hours. He started to stir only when he awoke he was completely unresponsive. His pupils were huge, his breathing was rapid and labored and he would not respond or focus on anything. His body started to seize and then would stop and then start again. It wasn't the kind of seizure where your eyes roll back and your limbs are flailing. It was more of a single involuntary movement that would last briefly, stop and start again.

My mind raced and then the strangest thing happened...he started to giggle. In my mind I hoped it meant he was kidding but I wasn't that lucky. It was yet another strange symptom of some kind. He started to be able to mumble but his speech was incoherent. In an effort to stop what ever was occurring I took the band aid that was on his knee and started to remove it hoping he would sense and respond to the pain. It worked! All kids hate that don't they? Did I purposefully inflict this upon my child? Yes. Do I now feel bad about it? No.

While the band aid did not resolve everything as we all often wish it would it did bring me some semblance of hope and a measure of comfort. Most of the time I think band aids as any kind of solution get a bad wrap but I'm not convinced that should be the case. Some times the band aid fix may just as well be what the panic stricken Mother ordered!

It was like my little guy came back to life. The shell of his body was now occupied again by my Dayton. He was still really lethargic and confused but was now responsive. It was somewhat of a relief at which point his Father showed up to take him to seek medical attention. Now while we were told that he has a viral respiratory infection and the fever caused the delusions and seizures I am completely not comfortable with that.

During those moment time felt eternal and my mind raced to the worst possible scenarios that I won't mention simply because I am not sure if it makes me a terrible mother or just completely neurotic. At any rate, we are going to see his Doc today as I need absolute assurance and understanding.

On the B Side: I am grateful that my DD Cakes is okay. I am grateful that his Father and Step Mother jumped in and helped out. I am grateful that while he continues to be sick that it is not worse and also that his b and aid was a small part of the solution!

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Fiagle Family said...

Im sorry to hear about your ordeal. Thats so scarry to see your child laying there helpless. The high fever thing is huge out here right now. THey even had tents out by the hospital since so many people were affected. Thats amazing that his band aid helped him! I would have never thought about it. Glad to hear all is better now