Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Serenity

Today is already wonderful! I got up early, caught up on my blog (didn't end up chasing down that nap!), ironed Marky's work clothes, started laundry, took care of dishes and got ready for Kayla's performance.

She did a fantastic job! This is the first time I have really seen her involved and enjoying it and I was so excited to see her do so well. She is the oldest, tallest and blondest in her class so she was easy to pick out! She was all done up with mascara, blush and lip gloss! Her hair was as cute as ever and her little outfit was adorable. She was very proud of her little ice cream cone prop used in her dance and liked that hers was the only one that contained bubbles!

Marky has been such a big help lately! Even today was great. Some times we are like ships passing in the night and that makes everything hard. We really enjoyed our time together and I'm sad that he's at work but anxious to see him later. Dayton is determined to be a good example to him when it comes to CPAP compliance! I am going to get Mark to the same Sleep Specialist and get him all fixed up as I just don't think our family physician is best to manage such a serious matter. Sleep is everything and I've learned so much this week about how it affects your body, your daily living and your emotional well being.

I finally got to talk to my Liz today! A call from Canada has never been so exciting! She's doing well and made my whole day!! Shortly after that I got a call from silly Shell in Mexico! This was also a great surprise but the connection was no good so I didn't actually get to chat but look forward to her return on Monday. I bumped into Lizzo at Target and that was fun too! I heart friends!!!!!

The weather is absolutely beautiful today! I love the sunshine and am so motivated to do a bazillion things! Micci left for Cali so I'm hoping to steal some time with Jazzy before his fast approaching wedding day! We're all super excited and can't wait! My Mom is busy with her Mike today. They're doing all kinds of yard work and such but I'm hoping to catch up with them this afternoon despite that fact that they went to the Normandy without me this AM!!!

I've been trying to get a hold of my Rebecca and hope she is well. I've been worried about her and look forward to talking to her soon. My persistence will likely annoy her but I'm way okay with that if it means I get to assure all is well after a challenging time. My Michelle called the other day so I also need to try to get a hold of her. She's way more mobile these days with her MS but still needs lots of lovin' as she has a full plate and way too much to manage. With a little bit of luck Kristin and I will finally have lunch together next week and that's also something to look forward to!

I got to talk to the kids bright and early this AM. Dayton did AWESOME with this CPAP and I am so proud of that litlte monkey!!! He feel right asleep and kept it on until 3 AM at which point he marched in and asked his Dad why he took it off of him! Mommy Amy does a great job nurturing both of the kids and managing all of our crazy circumstances so thank you Spencer for bringing her into our lives!

I am also going to steal some more time of my Dad's today and look forward to that. Cynthia, thank you for your kind and encouraging words. That's a great picture of our little D! There are so many in my life who are so easy to love and appreciate!!!

On the B Side: I'm happy to FEEL happy.

PS Clanc I so love you and couldn't agree more with your last comment to KC!

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Clancy in Idaho said...

I am so glad to see you write that you are happy to FEEL happy! You deserve nothing less! Love ya!