Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tears From Heaven

This morning Ellie was quietly drawing when out of the blue she comes over to show me one of her works of art. She explained that it is a picture of our Liz (complete with puffy sleeves on her dress!) crying because she moved to Canada! Perhaps a more accurate depiction would be a picture of us crying given her departure!

Liz and I use to tease that she was my surrogate spouse. She stood in and she stood with me during some challenging times in my life.

She served as my family when I had none. She kept me sane and helped me to feel a sense of dignity when I had none. She treated me with extra special care when the days felt long and dark.

She always asked the hard questions and always caused me to stop, pause and see things more comprehensively. Her strength and determination are somthing that I felt and needed without any words being spoken. Her ability to look outside of herself, see the needs of others and strategically step in are incredible. She loved and cared for my children and is as my sister.

We've been together since I cracked her egg in 2000 and admittedly life just isn't the same without her. Let it be noted that I am excited for the new found happiness she has and the adventure she is living!! I love and am grateful for my Wih across time and now all of the miles between us.

On the B Side: While I am not sure what prompted Ellie to draw this I do know that we miss our Wih!

4 shout outs:

shell said...

that frown is a mile long on that picture! and those are huge crocodile tears. :( that picture makes me sad

Clancy in Idaho said...

:( Sorry that you miss her so much. Change is tough sometimes, eh? But, you can always rely on it! ;)

Cute picture that little Beans drew!

Kristin said...

That is very sweet... at least we have modern technology that makes it a little easier to keep in touch.

Liz said...

you make it sound like i'm dead! :( you guys are the only ones i really miss from my decade in Utah. you HAVE to let me know when you are going to head out to PA so i can zip down for a visit