Saturday, April 12, 2008

Week in Review

This week was another one that went by so quickly! Baby Adalie is now 25 weeks and Doc N says she is measuring 2.5 weeks ahead. No, this does not mean that she will necessarily arrive early just that she will be HUGE. Hmm...let's see. Ellie always measured spot on, came two weeks early and was 8 lbs 10 oz. AM I REALLY GOING TO HAVE A 10 POUND BABY?? Given all of the contractions and such I am on restricted activities, which is fine by me but let's face a Mom there is no such thing, agreed??? Doc said baby cakes has got to at least hold on until 28 weeks.

The kids had swimming lessons again this week with Natalie. Luckily Mommy Amy helped out in a pinch as I was with my friend Michelle who has MS. The kids have been doing well and seem to enjoy learning to swim although they still make me incredibly nervous! Dayton insists that the baby's name is really going to be Natalie (after his swim teacher) and we'll just call her Adalie. Good thinking, champ ;)

I ordered some embroidered burp clothes from my Sister-in-law with 'Adalie' on them so that Mark can stop vacillating and let me have my way! I'm starting a baby book after being inspired by Micci's wedding book that she put together! this way I can keep track of all kinds of ideas and the like.

Dayton has been staying with his Dad more overnights and I am adapting. Again, ironic that I am the one growing up here in this situation! Ellie's tears seem to have lessoned for now so that's a huge relief as well. I met with Christian this week without the children and am working on the unity in our home to help provide security for the children.

Wednesday I was remote from Mike and Michelle's to help care for her while Mike was in the office. Unfortunately she had yet another exacerbation. They have been hitting every two weeks and just won't quit. In the afternoon I took her in for part of her series of steroid treatment. While I got plenty of work done the day was also filled with plenty of tears and a butt load of giggles! I really enjoy helping and am slowly adjusting to the rapid changes that occur to her poor battered body.

Last night Mark and I went to the Melting Pot for dinner. It's been my fav since it hit SLC and is the only thing that even comes close to my love for fondue that developed while traveling! It was nice to have a 'date' and spend time with my husband free of distractions and at one point he even stopped talking about work! He insists that we go to a movie tonight but we'll see if either one of us has the energy.

Today is a full day of being pampered by Shell Bait at her school. She's doing my hair (cut and color) complete with a facial and a pedicure. This is at her request (poor me, I know right?) as to avoid random customers and let's face it...I am so not opposed AND it falls right in line with my new marching orders from Doc N. PERFECT!

Things are slowly moving along with our house. The renters are in the process of wrapping things up for the sale which will enable us to get settled. I AM SO EXCITED! Mark's been working his butt off to make this all happen while I'm busy trying to simplify things by selling that which we do not need and have no desire to move again!

Dayton has another loose tooth and got to bring Sumi home from school. This was definitely the highlight of his week! I've been meaning to post Ellie's math for some time now as she is a total rock star but was slightly dismayed that Miss Molen spelled her name wrong! Here's our little 4 year olds recent work...

Anyway, I am off to relax with my favorite beauty school drop out wanna be!

On the B Side: I love life. The good, the bad. I love the quiet moments and even the chaotic ones. I love the aches, pains and tears (usually more so in retrospect) as well as the simply joyful moments!

2 shout outs:

shell said...

Britta - that was a great week in review. I love that you are being such a great friend to Michelle. You are so needed in this world :) You always know how to make a girl feel good.

I also LOVE Ellie's math. Love it to pieces. Very Sweet and so smart.

Fiagle Family said...

Ok I hope Im not prying but does Michelle have MS? or did I miss a connection? My mom has MS so I'm always curious about it. Make sure you keep it easy or you'll end up on bed rest. and that is the worst!