Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday Sunny Sunday

This is a picture of Dayton with his buddy Sumi! Each week on Friday at school Sumi picks a student to spend the weekend with. Dayton was elated that it was his turn again! He and Sumi snuggled close last night and drifted off to sleep.
Not to miss a photo op is Betty Beans with her beloved Simba just before bed time last night! She also went to bed in perfect form...which isn't always the case! Hooray for both of them!
Here on the kids on a scooter ride yesterday afternoon. It was beautiful outside! I heart Spring!

On the B Side: I love the excitement that children experience! The world through their eyes is so simple, so good and so wonderful to experience. Mostly, I am grateful that bed time was not stressful last night. Whew! Now if we can just all make it through the week!

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The Lingwalls said...
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Clancy in Idaho said...

It was a lovely day here too...

Cute little cutie-pies.