Thursday, April 17, 2008

Week 26

Baby girl is officially 26 weeks old in utero! She is now about 14 inches and weighs a little less than two pounds. I was surprised to learn that the uterus allows some light to be seen so baby is aware of light and dark. Her skin is wrinkled and translucent and has a reddish color due to the presence of dermal blood vessels. Veins are visible through her skin, although it is quickly changing from transparent to opaque as she continues to put on some fat.

I am tired as all get out and can't imagine wy this pregnancy is so much harder than the previous two. Could it be that I started with an extra 30lbs? Perhaps it's because I'm older or it is just because she is a Stott?! At any rate, the contractions continue and I am determined to avoid bed rest. She continues with her swimming, gymnastics and random karate moves. The kids have yet to feel her bounce around but that's mostly due to their impatience!

We saw Christian again today. He talked to the children about marriage and divorce. It's so hard to know if they are taking it in or not but I think as we continue to meet they will better understand. Upon leaving Ellie lost it and walking to the car gave Dayton just enough time to melt down as well. It's been a long time since we have had these issues; however, they are as heart breaking as ever.

Amy said that within minutes they recovered and after they filled their bellies it was a non issue. They came home tonight and were perfectly normal, had a fun time in the bath and played well before bed. They all went down so sleep peacefully and with little contest. Tomorrow Ellie is being tested by Challenger so we're hoping that goes well. You just never know what you are going to get with kiddos!

On the B Side: I love that the baby is still doing well and if my fatigue is the price to pay than it's worth it now, tomorrow and for the next three months! I have to remind myself that we learn and grow through the difficult times. Seeing and hearing the kids cry as we strapped them into Amy's car was a lot to bear but also a reminder that we do learn and grow thru adversity. Seems like if we could just put our little ones in a bubble and protect them forever all would be well...of course if that were the case then none of us would learn anything and that of course would defeat the purpose of being here!

2 shout outs:

Clancy in Idaho said...

You are a rock, chiquita! I love you more today than I ever have!

With Love,
Your #1 fan

Britta said...

Clancy, I doubt that you really have any idea how much I love you. Seriously, you are my hero!!! I remember laying around in my apartment in State Colledge together and that meant the world to me...again you have no idea! then I remember sitting in that same room and receiving emails from you about Mac's progress in utero. This was always so endearing and has given me so much interest in the development of my own! Now fast forward many years (yes, we are old!) and I think about a tearful phone call I made and the wise advice you share that I will not soon forget (and must remind myself of often!!)

I do so love you Clancy Pants!!!!!