Friday, April 18, 2008

Doing His Part

On Monday while we were at Dimple Dell after swimming Dayton bent down outside, picked something up and ran to the garbage by the front door. I'll admit that I hardly noticed as I was trying to account for all of our stuff.

He came back proud as a little guy could be and said, "Mom, I'm helping to clean the earth!" while dusting off his hands together in the air.

While this was just a simple and small act I love it and my little DD Cakes for these reasons;
A) He innocently took the initiative and served as a powerful example
B) It was a teaching moment...for me! It was a moment of realization for me to not get caught up jumping hoops but to pay attention, be a part of a bigger picture and enjoy living!
C) He's learning so much that I don't even think about or some times even know about. I love that he internalizes it and is able to apply it in real life.
D) Most would perceive such a task as a chore but he was happy to help!

On the B Side: Of all of the things I have done in my life, I love being a Mom the most. It is humbling to say the least, it is satisfying on every level and has taught me so much. The perspective that it gives is not something you could gain anywhere else except through the innocent eyes of a child. There are moments of joy. There are feelings of pride. With all of that goodness that comes there are moments of heart ache and feeling of inadequacy. Wherever you are and whatever you do there is the opprotunity each day to live, to learn and to love. With this in each situation comes the opporutnity to grooooow. It's been my experience that the sacrifice that comes with being a parent has has the highest return on investment that I will ever know in this life!!

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ClancyPants said...

That's so great! What a neat little man you have. I remember picking things up... litter you know... when I was a little kid and feeling really pleased with myself. Like I was making a difference.

Thinking about it now... I don't know that I even see the garbage that's on the ground lately. How sad. I think we can all learn lessons from little Dayton, and be aware of and maintain our stewardship of the earth responsibly.

Thanks, D-man for the example!

Kristin said...


You are quickly becoming one of my favorite people. It's not hard to understand why Shell stayed friends with you (I wondered at first). You are such a sweetheart! I love your posts and your comments to mine. To answer one of your questions, I am feeling well... I'm in my 2nd trimester, so it's the easiest part of my pregnancy. However it's starting to become apparent that I should probably take it a little easy (especially when it comes to lifting my not-so-little Noah). Anyway, my hubby is calling so I better run. Thanks again for all your thoughts and comments.