Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tag, I'm it per Clancy Pants!

Okay, 10 random and little known things about me...

1. I am painfully clumsy and always have been. Yesterday Ellie tripped over some shoes, bounced off of the dining table, kind of landed on her bum and hopped up again. Mark commented out loud that she is already too much like me. I broke my finger in HS playing field hockey not because I had some crazy hot moves that day but it happened randomly during warm up. One time a few years ago I fell walking (not running, not jumping not doing ANYTHING cool) and completely broke a bone off in my foot. Um, tard girl, right here.

2. I am a terrible driver. I fully recognize this and really do my best but I get flipped off more often than not but I promise that I never *try* to be a crappy driver. My Dad use to tease that I had 'rounded' off all four corners of my Accord (and he was right) and now I've got three rounded corners on my Denali. Actually I hit a car in a parking lot yesterday and didn't even know it...whoops. Luckily it's never anything serious!

3. I am as forgetful as all get out! I always have been and I think it may have gotten worse as I have gotten older. My Grandmother use to tell me that if my head wasn't screwed on tight I would forget it too! I wish I could blame it on my brain tumor but I really don't even think that is it. Do you have any idea how often I lose my keys???

4. I have crazy crappy luck (yes I just said that out loud and I'm sure the universe heard me and I so do not care!). In High School I had a close friend who called me 'Lucky Charms' for this very reason and even now my Dad tells me that if I didn't have bad luck I would not have any luck at all.

5. I can't cook to save my life. I'm not good at it, I don't enjoy it and I fail miserably more often than I would like to admit. Two days ago I cooked a huge package of hand trimmed skinless boneless chicken and ended up throwing the who thing out after I royally botched it all up. Again, my Father always told me that I should have paid more attention growing up (he did all of the cooking) and PERHAPS just PERHAPS he was right!

6. I am a chronic nail biter. It's a terrible habit and periodically I have been able to quit this nasty action but for the most part I have done it all of my life. As a small child my Father (yes, him AGAIN!) tried putting that yucky yellow stuff on my nails to keep me from biting them but despite the fowl taste I kept on keeping on! It use to bug me when people associated it to me being nervous but now that I'm older I think they've probably been right all along! Can we say N-E-U-R-O-T-I-C to the bone?

7. I am painfully indecisive. Yes, I am an official and eternal fence sitter. There are some things that I feel very strongly about. I remain immovable in those certain areas (almost to a fault...just ask my husband!) however, if it isn't something that I KNOW then I generally waffle around and get caught up in emotions and consider way too many variables trying to do the 'right' thing and determine what is best.

8. I have always been a phone addict. I love to talk on the phone. Tonight Mark told me that it secretly drives him nuts. In 3rd grade my Dad got a 2nd phone line at the house and has always teased that the phone is growing out of my ear. My first phone was a hot pink Conair and my favorite phone was a black Swatch phone. Back in the day my pals and I use to place a call out, quickly press hold, dial another call on the other line and then conference the two. Do you get it? It was like each party on each line thought that someone was calling them. Really they were calling each other and some of the results were beyond hilarious! Of course this was waaaaaay before callerID!

9. I snore. Yes, yet another glorious thing about me! I can remember being anxious about sleeping at friends house for this reason. In 2nd grade Laurie Roma's Mom commented about how awful it was all night and I felt terrible. I was so embarrassed. Then on my mission I had a companion that went crazy because of this and again I felt terrible. Some times it bothers Mark but most of the time he is so busy snoring that it doesn't affect him. I can't help and frankly I've never heard it myself ;)

10. I am the world's biggest sleepy head! I was always the first to fall asleep at slumber parties as a child. Our family Dentist told me that the only other person that they have had fall asleep in the chair is my Dad! In college my roommates called me 'bed bunny' because I was always in my bed. I still feel strongly that naps are a wonderful thing! On my mission I would fall asleep in appointments and was awful. Obviously I have found out that my health has something to do with this so yes, I am going to have to pull the brain tumor card here folks!

As for this post, I would love to tag my blog buddies Sarah and Kristin to learn more about them! I also want to tag Angela as she was so diligent in posting about her children so now it's her turn!

On the B Side: While these things may all seem negative I don't feel that way about them at all! I've given up trying to live up to some ideal that I hold in my head. Theses are the things that make up who I am (not comprehensively!) and those who know me love me anyway! Writing this also reminded me all over again how incredibly blessed I am to have an advocate such as my Father in my life! He's been one of my best friend for years and years and has ALWAYS patiently put up with all of my crazy antics/quirks. Thank you Mr. Wonderful!!!!!

8 shout outs:

shell said...

hey I got your msg and I wanted to call you back but you called when my phone was off so it didn't come in as a missed call... so I don't have your correct number. I tried searching for the one you emailed me but I can't find it. will you email me again por favor?

Sarah said...

Sarah, as in me? Fine, just for you!
Geez, you are a tard! Playin' the whole brain tumor card...then what's my excuse? I drive a minivan with the scratch and dent package, if I don't write it down-I'll forget it! (memory fades when you own kids)I can't cook to save my life, my nails are non-existent, and I snore like a bear! That was such a funny blog, are we sisters???

Britta said...

Yes, Sarah. You. Your comment made me laugh out loud! It's nice to know that I'm not living alone in my scrath-and-dent-full-of-forgetfulness-non-existent-nail-snore-filled world!!!

There is one huge issue that separates us and I'm not talking about the snow bird incident but rather our delivery styles!!! INSIDE OUT?! REALLY?! You owe your BF your life, seriously!!!

So get busy on that list already, sistah!!

Kristin said...

Oh Britta, you're terrible... I'm assuming you mean me since we are constantly commenting on each other's blogs. I promise, promise, promise to try to get to it. However we have family coming in this week to stay with us and I REALLY need to stop blogging and clean my house. Plus, I'm caring for my mom this afternoon. Anyway, I'll try to get to it (just watch I'll do it now, but not until after I go get a bowl of ice cream).

P.S. (an actual comment) I love learning more about you... the more I learn, the more I'm falling in love with you... It's fun!

Clancy in Idaho said...

You rock, chiquita! I love all those little endearing qualities about you and I have experienced many first hand as I got to live with your sleepy butt! :) What a pair we were, cuz I was always the last to fall asleep at every sleepover! I remember watching you sleep many a time!
Love you

Britta said...

Dang! Do you remember sleeping in the day of our economics final?!

We were retarded! All of those mornings running for the bus and finally just giving it up! Nobody can say that we didn't excel socially at USU!!


Kristin said...

When were you at USU? I went there too.

Britta said...

Gosh, I was at PSU in 1995-1996 (as the bed bunny!) and then I moved to Logan for the big mormon experience and cried for like 3 weeks. So I was there from the summer of 1996 until I left for my mish in Feb 1998. When were you there???