Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Days Gone By

Today I was looking through my machine at work in an attempt to downsize, simplify, consolidate and clean out outdated materials. While on my adventurous expedition I bumped into some older pictures of the kids that melted my heart and made me smile from the inside out!

Here's little Betty on her second Halloween. She is a chubby 13 months old and sporting a darling ballerina costume made by her Grandma Packer! She was such a happy girl!

And here's one of my little D man. This was taken shortly after Ellie was born in 2003 I believe. He's changed so much!

Here is Beans a little older. This was taken at the Condo in Sandy and remains one of my favs!

Another Condo picture, another fav of my little dancing D! Obviously he dressed himself!

Here's Ellie copping a little attitude...also a favorite!

and my precious Princess Dayton well before he knew it wasn't cool for dudes to cross dress!

Here's an early Spring 2004 shot that cracks me up everytime!!!

On the B Side: Thank heaven for photos! My memory fails and looking at pictures from the past brings a rush of remembrance and a feeling of sheer and natural happiness!

2 shout outs:

shell said...

i miss condo days. those pictures bring me way back. I love that one of ellie in her halloween outfit. I totally remember that. oh and that little smile on D in 2004 is priceless.

Kristin said...

SO cute!!! I LOVE how often you post!