Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Things That Made Me Laugh Today

1. When Dayton said he needed 'Tylegnol' (his head hurt)
2. The mouth breather during staff meeting...I swear he was eating the phone.
3. All of the things I find in our bed. It's like a Cracker Jacks box. You just never know what you're going to get. Baby lotion, a pee ball diaper, part of Mark's drill set...the fun never ends.
4. Old emails from Shell. Memories, all alone in the moonlight!
5. When Ellie told me she is going to dance to 'Spoonful of Sugar' in her 'baby doll dress'
6. Hearing that another storm is setting in tomorrow.
7. Learning that there are 2 leagues in football; NFL and AFL. Who knew?
8. Watching Adi crinkle her nose a squeal with delight when I got home.
9. Listening to Adi fake cry when I walked away after getting home. Yes, I really did laugh.
10. Franjesh and his silly antics at work.
11. Reading about Crystal's notion of boyfriend bonfires and her desire to swim with sharks.
12. Reading Jennifer's idea, 'Edward Cullen: better than you since 1918'
13. Thinking about my cousin telling us that there were bombs in a fence in area at our Grandparents...I totally believed him!

On the B Side: Mark took a personal day to care for Adi. Dayton stayed home as he's been sick. Mark asked me today, 'how do you get anything done?' and that definitely made me laugh! He is sweet for helping so much with the kids. The office really is my retreat and ten times easier than any day at home (but I'd stay home in a heart beat!) Mark also informed me tonight that Adi likes french fries...grrrrrrreat. xoxo

4 shout outs:

also known as shell said...

I love finding pee ball diapers :)

Anonymous said...

i hear ya about #3. that's our dumping ground...LOL

Michelvis said...

Jennifer Jamison is the most witty, hilarious person on the planet. FACT.

Old Emails from Shell were a tad bit depressing and yes, funny. Thanks for exploiting my needs to Franjesh. :(

P.S. Franjesh is going to kidnap me and force feed monkeys on me I know it.

JennJam said...

Thank you, Dwight Schrute, errr, I mean, Michelvis, but I know some gals in Utah who run with the big dogs, too. :)

But seriously, who can dispute the 'Edward Cullen: better than you since 1918' fact?
No one, I dare say.
Not a soul.