Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I'm pretty much not all that interesting but what the heck!

1. I put off writing this (I'm no band wagon jumper and I will always loathe Harry Potter) but I have learned tons of crazy fun stuff about my friends so here it is.
2. I love organization but am mostly disorganized...I just keep trying!
3. I grew up in PA and I miss it like crazy.4. I am and always have been a nail biter. So nasty. I know.
5. My Grandmother was an alcoholic and my best friend.
6. My most painful and precious moments were with her at the hospital when she passed away.
7. I cried a lot my senior year because I hated it so much. I worked 2 jobs to pass the time.
8. I love people! Watching them, listening to them, getting to know them, understanding them, believing in them, even rolling my eyes at them!
9. I joined the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 1995 and it changed my life forever.
10. I love to giggle...especially with my family!
11. I trained to play the piano at a Catholic Conservatory for 11 years.
12. I served as a full time missionary for my church for 18 months in Belgium and France and loved the opportunity to serve others.
13. I have a brain tumor that just won't quit. I have had 2 surgeries to remove the sucka' but no dice.
14. I love, love, LOVE my children and had no idea how much I was going to love being a Mom!15. I enjoy my job but derivie my satisfaction/joy from home and would stay home in a heartbeat with my 4 moonbeams if it was possible!
16. I am divorced. My marriage lasted 5 years and it left me feeling pretty broken.
17. News Flash: There is life after divorce! I am remarried, still can't believe Marky Mark puts up with me and I'm sure he had no idea what he was getting into! I sure do love and adore his tender heart.
18. Learning is my passion! I'm currently learning how to knit and I pretty much suck but I will prevail. Afterall, knitting is so sexy!
19. I use to hate French in HS, learned it on my mish, absolutely loved it but suck hard core at speaking it now. Oui, c'est vrai.
20. I do not think in absolutes. My thoughts are beautiful shades of gray. Translated: I am painfully indecisive but believe anything is possible!
21. My little brother is my hero (no really) and his wife is perfect for him and loved by all.
22. My Dad is my mentor. It's like having a life coach that you pay in full with love. He's amazing. 23. My Mom is my confidante. We are great friends and I see her everyday. <3
24. I cherish my friends, the real ones. You know who you are!
25. I was diagnosed with lupus after the birth of my 2nd child and was told that it was like winning the lottery...twice (please see #13) but I refuse to be defined by my illness.
26. My biggest fear is losing my memories (not my mind, just my memories!).
27. I'm way quirky! ;)

On the B Side: The take aways here are that I talk waaay to much and I'm a bit of an overacheiver :)

3 shout outs:

Shauna said...

What a great post! Thanks for sharing :) ♥ Hugs!

Clancy In Idaho said...

You rule the freakin' universe and I love you! Knitting... I would love to see that! Can't wait to see a pic of what you're knitting! :)

Love you

Tink *~*~* said...

This meme has been making the rounds of Facebook, and I agree - you find out the most interesting heretofore unknown trivia about people!

I've had a major illness too - breast cancer, more than 16 years ago, I'm fine! - and I've always had trouble with that phrase about "letting it define me". There is no denying that a major illness exerts its influence upon one's psyche. I know it changed me in ways that I would not have changed had I not been ill, and that I would not be who I am today were it not for having been so very ill. So I'm not too sure what "define me" means.

I think it means that WHILE you are ill, you don't let you life be all about the illness. You do stuff that is "normal", you get on with life, and try not to revolve just around being sick. Is that what it means for you?

Tink *~*~*