Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things About My Dad

Since I will be making this into a book at some point, I have to post this to immortalize his wise words as he truely is THE BEST! In his own words;

"1. I graduated from Bloomsburg University when I was 51 years old and earned my Master's degree in Social Work from Marywood University at the age of 54.
2. I believe that education is something that we do for ourselves, to prepare ourselves to serve the Lord and to help others.
3. This is my third career (Carpenter/builder, Nuclear Plant Operator, and currently a Gender Responsive Therapist) and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all. Each provided very distinct opportunities and benefits.
4. I am now working with adolescent females in a residential treatment facility. Some of the teens are placed there by juvenile justice, but most are there through Children Protective Services. These teens have endured more horrific experiences in their short lives than you can possibly imagine. I believe this is the most emotionally challenging, but most satisfying of my careers. I absolutely love going to work!
5. My middle name really is Boy, named after my paternal grandfather who passed on before I was born. I have only ever seen one picture of him, but my father told me many stories about him.
6. I was raised to have a strong work ethic and the motivation to push through difficult situations. The only time we lose is when we give up on ourselves and quit trying.
7. I have 3 older sisters, 6 nieces/nephews, and 18 great-nieces/nephews. My sisters and I were born and raised in the New York City metro area. Wouldn’t want to go back there anymore, except to visit.
8. My father made the "rule" that we could each only have two children, one male and one female. And that is exactly what each of us had! That was back in the day when children listened to their parents!
9. Been to Europe three times, the final trip was to rescue my beautiful daughter from the clutches of the delightful missionaries! Britta and I spent almost three weeks touring around the continent, gathering many wonderful memories.
10. I have two unbelievable kid's, 4 grandbabies, and a very special daughter-in-law whom I so look forward to bonding with soon and a great son-in-law.
11. The Lord blessed me with the opportunity to have my beloved mother live with me the last 2 years of her life. It was a very small way for me to begin to repay her for the love and kindness that she and my father brought us all. I feel so blessed that I was born at a time when most moms were able to be at home all the time with their families.
12. I believe that we can indulge in just about anything (that is legal!) in life as long as we do it in moderation. You must be able to control yourself, not have the indulgence control you.
13. I have very few regrets about things I have done in life.
14. I believe there are purposes for each of us and that we must always keep looking for the next door to open and have the courage and faith to walk through it. The Lord provide these opportunities, as well as free-will, and we should follow our hearts when we decide.
15. I was married for almost 25 years and the most beautiful part of that time was raising my children. I like to think that I was a good dad most of the time, but, alas, human, and therefore not perfect. I believe I passed on to them (hopefully!) my better qualities and few of my faults.
16. I love to work with wood. It is so malleable and forgiving, but strong and enduring. It is one of my great pleasures. I built the home that I still live in today some 31 years ago.
17. I had two wonderful dogs that were with us for 25 years and almost countless cats. I now have seven cats, all of which were rescued, and two strays that spend time here, mainly to eat and for warmth in the cold winter months.
18. I believe that we should love and respect all that the Lord has created, from the grains of sand to the world itself, and all living things. We should be taking care of people that have greater needs than our own, and we must understand the differences between our “needs” and “wants”. I know the Lord wants us to lend our strengths to any who are weaker.
19. I have had two life threatening experiences in the past two years and I believe the Lord is reminding me of my mortality as well as the preciousness of life. My greatest hope is to be able to help as many people as possible in whatever time I have left in this place.
20. I believe in cycles. We spend our younger years teaching our children and spend our later years learning from them. My daughter is truly an inspiration to me, how she has never wavered in her beliefs, never faltered in her faith, and constantly tries to do the “right thing”. My son has taught me patience and that waiting has its own rewards.
21. I believe there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place! Right, Jazz?!?!
22. I love to bring a smile to people’s faces, laughter to their hearts. Humor is a big part of my therapeutic approach and my life.
23. The small things in life can do that, too. To this day, I always leave some change in the return slot of vending machine for someone else to find. This small act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone else’s day!
24. I believe in confronting the most unpleasant tasks as quickly as possible, leaving more time to enjoy all the rest.
25. I was very sick when I was ten years old and spent time in a children’s cancer ward. Miraculously, I didn’t die.
26. Each day is precious and we owe it to ourselves to make the most of whatever hand we are dealt. I believe we can find something positive in almost all situations if we look hard enough and long enough.
27. My sister and her husband have been life-long mentors and best friends.
28. I have to have 28 items in order to stay ahead of my daughter!"

On the B Side: Facebook has this tag running around online. This was a great opportunity for me share just how wonderful (as in Mr. Wonderful) my Popsicle is using his own words! He really, really is the best and I do so love him! xoxo

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triplej said...

Amazing....would love to have that opportunity. cherish it!

Clancy In Idaho said...

That was truly wonderful, Britta... thanks so much for sharing!

Allison Claire said...

I LOVE your Dad!! He is so amazing, I will always have a special place in my heart for your Bad Dad. :)

Marcy Stott said...

That's the best list I've read yet. Great idea posting it on your blog. I will do the same for my list.

Villager said...

God Bless You! Remarkable list. Thank you for sharing it...

I invite your blog readers to a reminder that we are never alone through the musical scripture of Al Green on my Sunday Inspirations meme entry this week.

peace, Villager