Tuesday, August 12, 2008


What is wrong with people? This is such a sad, unnecessary and sensless act. I cannot imagine as a parent allowing this kind of thing to take place. While I do not claim to understand, I do think that it is even more disconcerting that a parent abdicate responsibility. How could one feel faultless??? Bless this poor child's heart.

Both of my parents work in the mental health field and I am often shocked and dumb founded at some of the stories that they relate. I cannot fathom the ill treatment and awful circumstances that children are subjected to so carelessly.

When I was home in PA when Dayton was young I met a young boy who was one of my Father's clients. He was sweet and smiley at the tender age of 6. Now that Dayton is 6 this strikes an even deeper chord in my heart but I digress. I later learned that this boy had been abused in every shape and form of the word. When he was a few months old he was taken from his Mother for neglect. He was found in a crib with burns on his legs from his urine. He was placed with his Father and removed at the age of 18 months after being hospitalized with bruises from a belt all over his little body. He bounced around foster homes and ended up being sexually abused by the only "family" he knew and trusted.

What a crazy series of tradegies that caused a young boy, an innocent young boy so much pain. Imagine being a little person desparately wanting to be loved and learning not to trust anyone bigger than you? I can still see his little face in my mind. He had big blue eyes, blonde hair and he just wanted to be noticed. He peered at us over his hands as he smiled. This was a particularly hard and heart wrenching case for my Father that unfortunately did not end well.

On the B Side: I am so grateful that I was raised in a loving family. I recognize that this is a blessing, not an entitlement and unfortunately not something that everyone has. Reading about this kind of autrocity makes me even more determined to love, protect and nurture my children. It also reminded me of the wonderful people that serve as advocates for these young children. I do not know how my Father does what he does but he has a heart the size of Texas and goes far beyond the call of duty to help those that stand in need.

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Kaci said...

I'm so sorry! I can't imagine! Hugs Britta I hope that little boy found peace.

shell said...

yucky. that story is so sad.

Clancy in Idaho said...

ugh. that makes my mouth taste like bile. soo sad. :(

Leah said...

That makes my stomach hurt reading those stories! I look at my three kids and think about how much I love them and I can't imagine ever being okay with hurting one of them like in those stories.

And the little boy who at 19 months old they starved for not saying "amen" at meal times???? Two of my three kids weren't even really talking at 19 months old yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was just a baby still!!!!!!!!!!

Jodi said...

That is so sad. I can't imagine what these adult caregivers were thinking to treat such a young kid that way. To treat anyone that way even. Such a shame!

After Hours said...

I previously worked with severely emotionally abused children in a treatment facility for almost 10 years. It is very sad to be there and see what the kids have been through and it is also very sad to know a lot of the so called workers who were there to help them were picked straight off the street and were in my oppinion- thugs. It is very eye opening to be in their world and it takes a lot to advocate for them in al situations. I would not change any experinces that I have had with the kids. They were looking for love and support and I offered it freely. Kids need respect. They are important. It sucks that parents can be so cruel, and then when they are removed from them, they are potentially placed in another awful situation.
For me it has taught me patience with my own children, respect for them that they need to be heard even when in the hardest moments when I feel like I can't take it, and laughter..because it can and will change any situation for the better.
You dad sounds like a cool guy.

Kristin said...

I seriously want to cry. It's just not right! I forget that not everyone has it as good as us or even understands how to behave. It's just too sad!

Amanda said...

I hate stories like this. I have been w/DCFS for three years & experienced these kinds of parents first hand, I will never understand it.